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Post your very best images of Ireland here. Please let us know where and when the photo was taken and any other interesting information on the shot. Hopefully we will get some interesting stuff and some lively discussion!

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A last walk at the beach of Carrigaholt, County Clare, before our one week vacation - in October 2004 - in Ireland was over. An old wooden box, two forks, books an old spoon, something that looked like a diary and a journal, and a piece of a newspaper... and a lot of questions. Wish I knew who the owner was, what did happen to him? For me it was like finding a treasure, the only thing I could do was to take some pictures...

This photo was taken with my Minolta X700 - an 'old' analog reflex camera. I don't know the shutter speed or the lens I used - I was so excited about the 'treasure' (and to be honest, normally I don't write this data down - I'm someone who 'plays' and learn through trial an error *g*)
Love the photo--it captures a momemt, frozen in time, a metaphore for like and difference, light and dark, old and new, and of course history lives here. Thanks for sharing.
thank you so much... Yes - it was a shot to capture a tiny little moment - and I'm still curious what the story behind this discovery was... but I will never find out, that makes me sad...
Beautiful! Where was this shot taken?
I took that at the beach of Carrigaholt, County Clare. Carrigaholt is a small town at the Mouth Of Shannon... I immediately fell in love when I came to this place... *sigh*
Wish I could go back...
And thanks...
The photo is a good allows the mind to wonder and inquire about the person(s)who ownded and discarded these items. Reminds me of the old deserted shacks out here in our desert that we come across now and then. Nice.
Thanks Pat - yes I spent a lot of time thinking about what would possibly could have happened (oh holy Mother Grammar - I hope I did it right *g*)
This is absolutely wonderful.......kind of sad, but it leaves alot of unanswered questions and alot to the imagination. I really like this....thank you for sharing it.

Actuallly, my Aunt Karen took this near our family home and near where my Great Grandmother lived as a child before coming to America.
Beautiful shot Felicia! Looks like a place I'd love to visit!
Thanks.My Aunt KAren is a real peach and she has been leaning my wayto get me to go to Donegal and see it fo rmyself since it is where we come form; this is a stop on our tour this summer, but it'd be greta to actually stop and see relatives-ay, another time then.
lovely place - wish I could sit there and rest a little, see the sun sparkling over the water - smell the grass and the sea...


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