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Post your very best images of Ireland here. Please let us know where and when the photo was taken and any other interesting information on the shot. Hopefully we will get some interesting stuff and some lively discussion!

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Slea Head - Dingle Peninsular - Taken by David E. Ray on Sept. 22, 2009 - Canon Power Shot
This is a photo of Kildare taken from the church tower at St. Brigid's Cathedral in May 2009. My friend Fred took this with my Nikon D50 digital camera fitted with a 10.5mm fisheye lens. I was too chicken to climb the tower, so the best photo from the trip was taken by Fred. I am not bitter. Not one bit :)
Nice picture
Great picture. Its cool to see the newer buildings inter-mingled with the older ones. Gives a different perspective.
The picture is outrageous! What a great shot! While I feel for you and your dislike for the heights - I think for that kind of a view I'd have forced myself to make the climb.
Just joined the group. Fell in love with Ireland June of 2008 and will be heading back this coming year. Have lots of photos on line at

Have fun and enjoy. They are from the west about Dingle down to Cork City.
These shots were all taken in late May of 2009. The first two shots were taken at the Kilmacduagh monastic ruins near Gort, in County Galway. The shot of the boats was taken at the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club in Killarney, County Kerry.


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