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Do you like to take portraits? I know I do and this is the place to post them. Lets include all the useful info on how the portrait was taken such as lighting, shutter speed, f/stop and any other metadata you can so that we can learn how to become better portrait photographers.

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Stunning! She has a very pure and innocent look. Nice choice of backgrounds Rike.
in times of greatest despair, photography was one of the things to deal with my emotions...

Selfportrait was taken with an Olympus Camedia C4000Z
1/10 sec
ISO 100

cropped and then converted into b/w
This is a very strong and powerful image. I absolutely love the conversion and the framing. Excellent work!
Makes one think...about the message of the protect one or to simply keep things out...
ok Rike and Robert...I have not done portraits before...please give me a few pointers to just start and play with. I would love to be able to do this. I have capture a few...but not because of some great plan...So I'm listening. I do admire both of your talent and work in this area. Thanks, Pat
I photograph at both Northern and Southern California Renaissance Faires and my images are used to promote the events. Here is a lovely image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I from the Southern Faire captured in 2008.

On a Sunday morning before opening to the public at the Northern California Renaissance Faire (Casa de Fruta, California) I captured this lovely young lass as she was preparing for the day.

wow, she's a beauty :-)
To me the hat is a little bit dominant - I'm not sure but maybe to crop the photo a little at the top would lead the focus more to her yes... what do you think?
regards - Rike

PS - please bear with my English, it's hard to explain photo stuff in a foreign language ;-)

PPS - sorry, posted my comment twice to the wrong picture...
While the cropping may be to your liking. I prefer to the show the regal aspects of the hat as it gives more significance to the face by its inclusion. Thank you for your feedback.

- Gar
Here is another image of "Her Majesty" taken during the recently completed 2009 Southern California Renaissance Faire season. (05/10/09).


Tabhair 'om póg, is Éireannach mé


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