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I have found out recently that i am irish, that may explain my temper, my love for learning gaelic, i have been studying it since i was young, my family always ate irish foods, and had accents, but they would never tell me i was irish, or that they were irish. am i crazy, or was my family ashamed of being irish, i am very proud of the fact  that i am irish, i love ireland more than america, i would def die for ireland before i would this god forsaken country, people always ask me if i am from there, and i have to say no..

i feel ashamed of that. is that wrong? and would it be wrong to say i am from there when i wasnt born there? like i said, i am irish and damn proud of it, and those who disagree can pogue mo hoin. any advice would be good. thank you.

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Well technically your not from Ireland considering you weren't born here and don't live here, but if both your parents are Irish, you obviously are part Irish, if you move to Ireland, bring the sun with you will you!


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