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Ok Folks...
we have a bunch of talented musicians here on our site and i have the idea of composing an irish tune with a song intro for Live Ireland with you.
What you guys think?
What is necessary to be part of the project you might ask?

First of all you would need a software to record your voice or instrument.
I highly recommend the free software Audacity (its very very easy to use)
Second ...a simple headset or a microphone to record your voice or instrument.
Third...a good understanding of irish music and control of your instrument. I´m talking about advanced level! :-)

I give more details about how to use the software once i know how many people will join in the project. I am very open to all kind of suggestions you have. Daniel Craig (our professor of music) might have some good advice how to arrange or mixing your recording. I hope you have some time Daniel and will be part of it. Ohh..Bernard Evans is an expert aswell!
I could write down ten pages of my ideas but i leave it for now.
So..if you feel like you want to become part of it, please use this thread for your comments and suggestions.
DO NOT use it for just saying :"Hi" or "i can not play an instrument" etc etc! lol..:-)
This thread is only a starter of the project. Once we have the "Sessiongroup" together, informations, progress and updates will be given only to members of the project via Instant messages
The reason is, to keep it a little secret what we come up with for the rest of Live Ireland members and most important, to avoid a long list of Contributions. Not sure if its a good idea but we´ll see.
Of course the tune will be public to everyone once its finished.
I am pretty excited now and sure this can be good fun for everyone. It might also take a little while untill the whole set is mixed together so dont expect it to have it ready tomorrow..hehehe.
Allright...lets just do it Folks!

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I'm interested...but my schedule is pretty crazy.

I can ask my bandmates from Athas to play as well. **Jeff (guitar) is on liveireland. Amy (bodhran) isn't on liveireland yet, but I'm sure she will be soon.

Can you post a list of possible tunes?

I just downloaded the Audacity program, so that's ready to go. (I also have Adobe Audition and Pro Tools here at home).

You can email me all the details:
heatherlewin AT yahoo DOT com
earlschair AT aol DOT com

Thanks! Sounds like fun!

I would like to help! Not quite sure what you need with participation. I play a number of instruments! And in the age of digital we should be able to put something together, no matter what part of the planet we come from! I have audacity! I like the program its easy to use! so tell me how i can help!!!
I am a keyboard player/writer, plus I have all of the top of the line software. As a keyboard player, I can emulate any instrument, and I have already put together a few trad celtic tunes (which I hope to get on this site eventually). I would be honered to be part of this project, or at least kept in the loop. My email is If it turns out I am not needed in the recording process, I am certainly able to master whatever the group comes up with. ATTACHED IS A SONG I WROTE TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT I CAN DO. The dulcimer, bagpipes, and pad are all played on my keyboard by me. It is by no means a finished or even mastered piece, just something to give you an idea of my skills as a musician.

Hope to hear back from someone,
~Shawn McCoy
EDIT: I took off my attachment, I don't want that to be everyone's first impression of my skills. I am redoing that whole song, with harp instead of dulcimer. More of a newage feel than rock this time around. Anyways, feel free to chat with me anytime, anyone and everyone.
My deepest Appologize to everyone in this Group waiting for my reply and Start for the Sessionproject.

First of all please let me say that i am still interested to keep this project going but my schedule is not allowing it to lead on the main Composition.
I deeply regret i have started this all and not keep it going, but Life is as it is. You never know whats coming the next day and have to think over all what have been yesterday..:)

Please please keep on communicating through this channel and add some suggestions how we can bring the Project to Life.

Some one need to lead this all and i can add my portion of music to it.
Thanks for your understanding

Is this Threat or Project still allive?
If not, i am deleting it.

I hope all is well..

Hi Ferris,

I still think that would be a great idea to give back lively musical notes to LI... which had been so generous to the entire community...!

There are many musicians who play many different instruments... There is one thread into the *general musician chat* about those.

However, my contribution would be modest because I consider myself more as being an interpret than a composer...

By any chance, would you already have in mind a musical canevas to propose..? If so, please do not hesitate to send it..! ;-)

Could it be a slow air? A jig...? A reel..? Combination?



P.s. Good to see you're back..! Hope everything is well...!
Ok thks WWM...
i also think the project is worth to give it a try. The only problem i see is my ammount of time at the moment as i am pretty busy with everything.
My Idea was to bring Musicians together for a short/long music-clip.
I can not lead this but i think there are some talented People out there who got the equipment, an idea of the Tune and the time to keep this project allive.
One has to write down the sheetmusic(main theme) ,record it and send it to people who are interested. The sheetmusic should be in format everyone can read and the musicfile either in wav. or Mpeg. format.
Everyone needs a recording software (Adudacity?), a microphone to add his/her piece of music on the instrument. You can either play the sheetmusic or add your own interpretation or a backgroundmusic of free interpretation. Then you send back your files to the one who is able to mix all received files together into one sample.

Ok..writing down a project is pretty easy but bring it to live is something different.
To answer your Question what it could be....!
I think a reel would be fine and also a song as an Intro. There are a bunch of nice voices in our group..
Anyone interested to lead this??
All the best


Pls keep an eye on my Stolen instrument thread and spread the word
Thank you
Ya hoo, this tread lives again! hey listen, I would like to contribute, and I am sorry that I have not been back lately. But, I have been watching, and I will make time with this Project! I am a Fruity Studio and Sony Sound forge person myself, and have always used Audacity for podcasting in the past! Let's at least create a couple of 16 bar ditties and go from there! I am in! And, I will have a ditty on my page in a week Promise! Get Ready Fellow musicians!


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