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The irish came to America, and for hundreds of years thier music and tradition have blended into folk music and now finds it's way back to Ireland with the legendary Andy Irvine.

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Yes, it's coming full circle it seems like. Recently moved to Alberta Canada and discovered that there has been an Irish influence here in the West for awhile now. Apparently, back in the day, many Irish who didn't stay on the East Coast of North America kept heading west, many who eventually settled and took up work as cowboys, herding the cattle and such over the warm months in the middle of nowhere of Alberta, and western USA no doubt. To pass the time, and being the musical beings that they were, they would play and sing songs from their homeland, but adapt the lyrics for their new homeland. These tunes eventually became part of the folk standards that we know today, Streets of Larado, is one example. In fact, here in Calgary there is a musical group called The Celtic Cowboys who have combined the Irish and Country/Folk styles and are keeping the tradition alive. They are online if anyone is interested. So, there ya go!
Hello Sean...
sorry i didnt read you Comments earlier but what you wrote sounds very interesting.
i really would like to encourage everyone to keep this thread allive.
Pls share all your Knowledge with us.
Thank you

OOhh and now that i am thinking of this i would like to add some nice story how other Countries even influenced the irish Music before the irish culture spread out all over the world.

As many of you know i am from Germany and also some irish Blood is in me from Grandpa who was a Kerry man.
During the 17th and 18th Century many Germans heading to the New World and went on the long journey with Emigrant ships.
The Ship had a stop in Ireland and and some of the german Emmigrants went off the ship for several reasons.
They settled down in Ireland and influenced the irish Music more than most will think at first.
A good Example is when you listen to some very old Kerry Polka music. You can hear some typical ornamentations and notations which you can hear often in German Polka sets. The very well known irish SONG: The Palatines daughter" is also another Evidence on how attractive Ireland was for german Emigrants and how they mixed their Music.
Palatine is the Area i was born and called "Pfalz" in German. far to this threat.
Keep your Stories coming..


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