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Let me apologize in advance for this post......I know this is an Irish Music group....however, not all good music comes cloaked in the green.
La Bottine Souriante is a Quebecois fiddle band that has been performing for over 30 years. They create a unique blend of folk music, based on music from Scotland, Ireland, France and England and more modern forms of rock and jazz. A live performance by this band will have you hopping, the music and energy are completely infectious. There are a number of videos on Youtube of the band in performance....I have not had time to go through them but will try and get an idea of what is there and relay if anyone is interested. Cheers, element.

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Here are a few links to video. Enjoy!

Sziget 2006

La Bottine Souriante, llanes

Paye la Traite
Dear Element,

From my own point of view, you have my absolution... no need to apologize..! ;-)

I recently got the first cd of LUNASA, and was very pleased and surprised when I listened to track 6, which begins with Fleur de Mandragore, a compo from Michel Bordeleau, former "Smilling Boot" member...


Le Vent Du Nord is another good Quebecois band.
Hello Element...
i am just going through all the posts here and checking the status.
Please feel free to add more of NON IRISH Fiddle music.

I saw La Bottine Souriante years ago on a festival in St.Cartier (France) and they were just rocking the Place. Could you please explain what it is with the stepping wodden shoes??

All the best
For those among you who might not yet be aware of, here is a sad news :

Denis Fréchette, great jazz piano player, music teacher, former Bottine Souriante member and above all, a good person in his lifetime, passed away on June 19th, 2008...

He will be missed by his daughters Alice and Juliette, as well as by his relatives, many friends, musicians and music lovers from all over the planet...

Thanks for that wwm. I am very sorry to hear of his passing.... he was a great player and will be missed.

Fair winds, clear skies. element
Just a word to stress the point that :

Genticorum ( )

which is a great band that I followed closely since their beginning (and even from earlier with *perdu le nord*) and which also won the 2008 awards of the trad album of the year... as far as Folk music goes up here...

( )

will be performing at Temple Bar Tradfest ( )

as well as Michael McGoldrick and friends

on Friday January 30th 2009, at the Button Factory...

Quite a show I'm sure that will be..!!!!

May all the lucky persons that will be there enjoy their time...! Sincerely..!


P.s. That would be nice if we could get any feedback from LI members that could attend to that evening.... ;-)


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