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I was born and raised in Tallaght, Dublin. I came to Washington DC five years ago (on Feb 12th) and now live an hour outside of it.
I definitely miss home, particularly at the moment since I am on my longest stint without returning since I left. It's been 19 months but I should get home in the next couple.
As successful as I have been here, I am certain it is the Irish sense of hard work that has given me the drive to do well here. And regardless of how much Ireland changes as it moves up and forward, I dont think the work ethic will ever weaken.
I am glad to see Dublin as metropolitan as it has become, it is a sure sign that the country is doing well.

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I too was born in Dublin and have been away since 1970 (give or take a few short visits for funerals, holidays etc) I am NOT glad to see Dublin turn into a vast metropolis like London.
I am moving back to Ireland in about 6 weeks time for good but have no intention of ever moving to Dublin and its crowds, lousy traffic, tourist traps and trendy pubs. I am going to CO Roscommon where there is SPACE and a traffic jam there is about 10 cars !!
I dont like the way the city has developed, it looks like some people have got nice backhanders
to allow such awful buildings !!


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