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The Gibson Les Paul Custom is a 1978 Kalamazoo, Mi made guitar. Paid $712.00 new. Been playing it for thirty years. Back of neck is finish is worn off, but still solid as a rock. After Gibson closed the doors on its Kalamazoo factory, some of the staff did not like the way they were being made in the new Nashville, TN plant, and employee's pooled together and reopened the Kalamazoo plant. The name of their guitar is called the "Heritage", I especially like the Blues 135 copy. In the deal they got to keep all the original molds.
I very seldom play it anymore...too valuable.

The Ovation on the left is a 1991 Balladeer, I like the tone but when plugged into an amp, it gives horrendous feedback.
I never use it when we play out.

I also own a 1991 Gibson ES 135, which is all I play now
I got spoiled.

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Heritage Guitar Inc.

Heritage Guitar Inc. of 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan was incorporated on April 1, 1985. The company is going on 19 years old, it has achieved the status of one of the premier guitar companies in the world today. It is, in many instances, the new guitar line handled by countless vintage shops throughout the world. This indicates it is thought of as the collectible guitar of tomorrow.

The idea to start Heritage Guitar began when the Gibson Guitar Corporation closed its Kalamazoo, Michigan factory in September of 1984 and moved all production to its other plant in Nashville, Tennessee (in operation since 1975). When this took place, some of the employees were asked to move to Nashville. However, since their families had spent many years in Kalamazoo, it made it difficult to uproot and move. Therefore 3 men, Jim Deurloo, Marvin Lamb, and JP Moats, decided to start a guitar manufacturing business. In 1985 when the company was incorporated, 2 other former Gibson Guitar Corporation employees, Bill Paige and Mike Korpak, joined as owners. Mike left the company in 1985.

The founders biggest resource is and was the group of craftsmen they could draw from to begin operations. The owners themselves each had in excess of 25 years of hands on experience in making guitars. To this day each of the owners is directly involved in the manufacturing of each instrument.

Heritage started operations in the oldest of five buildings formerly owned and operated by Gibson Guitar Corporation. That building was completed in 1917 and has been a center for guitar manufacturing ever since. Much of the machinery that Heritage uses today, was purchased from Gibson Guitar Corporation.

The first guitar Heritage introduced was the H-140 solid body single cutaway electric guitar. This model was shown at the NAMM show in June of 1985.

Since that time Heritage has added many instruments. Currently Heritage manufacturers Custom Carved Hollow Body Guitars, Semi Hollow Body Guitars, and Solid Body Guitars. This is to say nothing of the countless number of custom instruments made in each of the groups previously mentioned. Banjos, Mandolins, Flat Tops, and Basses, are no longer being produced because of the demand for the guitars mentioned in the above 3 categories.

Heritage is proud of it's older employees’ with 25 years of average experience and what it has accomplished in 19 years. Heritage is
also training younger luthiers to learn this fine art of craftsmanship.


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