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Lets assemble a list of terms that we would use to order food and drink Bia agus deoch. This would come in handy when visiting taverns and restaurants in the Gaelteacht.
Lets start with this one:

Gabh mo leithscéal, Ba mhaith liom an biachlár a fheiceáil, le do thoil!
Excuse me, I would like to see a menu please!

gabh mo leithscéal - ga muh lesh-kale
ba mhaith liom - ba why lum
an biachlár - un bee-a-khlar
a fheiceáil - uh hay-uh-kaw-ill
le do thoil - le duh hull

Restaurant - bialann - bee-a-lan
Tavern/Pub - Teach tábhairne - chock tavarn-uh

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