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Lets assemble a set of Terms of Endearment. These are very useful phrases to learn and ones that we can use on our family and close friends. They might also be perfect captions to use in the Photo Caption thread!

Here's the first one:

A chuisle - pulse (when speaking TO someone)

Mo chuisle - my pulse (when speaking OF someone)

A chuisle mo chroí - My dear darling / love / treasure. (lit. pulse of my love/heart)
pronounced - uh keesh-la muh kree

This saying became very popular when it was used in the movie - Million Dollar Baby. Fight trainer Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) gives this name to his aspiring young fighter Maggie Fitzgerald (Hillary Swank) and puts "Mo Chuisle" (my darling) on her robe. This is an excellent movie and is worth seeing if you already haven't.

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Thanks, Robert. I'll check it out right away. (I was asking myself yesterday what to say when talking to someone close)
Funny thing: this last Monday a classmate of mine told me that, when watching that movie with his parents, he said: "Hey, my friend, Rodrigo, speaks that language!"
haha.. The knowledge I absorb here represents a lot to me...
Hey, Robert, 2 coincidences with just one thread! Planning to play on the lottery?
For sure! It might be out lucky day! LOL
Dia duit!

I look for words in the dictionary and try to form phrases.
Please tell me if the terms are all right.

Caidreamh suirí (love affair)
Mo cúrsaí grá (my love life)
Mo grá ( my love)
Mo ionúin ( my dear/my beloved)
Mo muirneach ( my darling/ my favourite)
Mo ionúin aingeal ( my dear angel)
Mo allas aingeal ( my sweat angel)
Mo allas croí (my sweat heart)

Slán agus beannacht!
Sónia, Possesive pronouns are not usually used in the vocative tense. Instead we would use the vocative particle (a) so, instead of saying mo ghrá, we would just say a ghrá.
Also the vocative particle causes lenition (eg. grá, a ghrá). So when we are speaking directly to a person, like when you say to your husband (or boyfriend) "my dear" you would phrase it a stór and not mo stór. OK, so here's my suggestions for your examples listed above:

Caidreamh suirí - love affair -this seems to work just fine
Mo cúrsaí grá - my matters of love (cúrsaí- matters) not too sure on this one.
a ghrá - my love
a stór - my dear (beloved)
a mhuirnín - my darling or:
a chuisle- my darling/pulse (of my heart)
m'aingael - my angel
m'aingael geanúil / cinéalta - my loving angel (not too sure here)

There are so many ways to phrase these terms and I'm still doing some research on the matter. I will continue to post what I find in my studies but for now I think you'd be ok to use these.

Slán go fóill,
Go raibh maith agat!
Thanks for the explanation Robert!
Here's another:
A ghrá mo chroí - Love of my heart

Tá grá agam duit - I love you.

and one more:
Le grá mo chroí - With love of my heart. (could be used as a salutation)


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