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Lets gather some useful Irish sayings that we can use to make another set. I'll offer the first one:

Is fearr Gaeilge bríste ná Béarla clista!

Even broken Irish is better than clever English!

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Ba mhaith liom Guinness, le do thoil!
I would like Guinness, please!
Guinness, le do thoil!

I can see we all agree on what will be important when we visit Ireland!
good one Pierre!
I don't know if I should contribute something, since I've only spend very few time in front of my computer with the software that should teach me some Irish (and that I haven't used since I've moved - can't find it at the moment in my chaos *g*).. but I would love to give it a try...

Ba mhaith liom fuiscele, le do thoil!
I would like whisky, please!


I think that's a very important saying.... *g*
Yes Rike, that is a good one! HaHa!

You could also use Uisce beatha - water of life (or death if you drink too much LOL)
Sláinte go saol agat! (health for life to you!)
Sorry-- can't resist-- but you would have to say, "Ca bhfuil tu i do chonai?" to ask, "where do you live?" -- mo = my so the above is actually literally, "Where are you in my dwelling?" -- which would work if you're playing hide-and-seek with a new found friend in the Gaeltacht... :-p

*ahem* ok. I be quiet now.
Looks like you've been busy Pierre! Great examples. I'll be putting up some new sets in the next few days and will be sure to include these and all the other excellent examples that have been posted.
Go raibh maith agat agus slán,
That's right. Lei not leich. Good on you for catching that Pierre!
I will double check all the posts before I put them into a set just to make sure they are correct.
My pleasure Pierre! I think we have quite a lot of useful phrases going so far. Can't wait to make a set so we can all practice!
I found this one interesting:
Sláinte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mná go deo.

Sláinte, mo cairde.
Love it! Health to the men and may the women live forever!

Good one Rodrigo!


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