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This should be a really fun exercise. Post a photo of whatever you want and give it a caption in Irish. Comments are encouraged. You can post as many photos as you like but post each one seperately (one photo/caption per reply). I'll be the first.

One more thing: You should size down your photos. The one I posted is 1024 x 800 and this is on the large side. 800 pixels on the longest side is probably better!

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Iníon agus garmhac
Super Pierre! That is a beautiful little girl! Is that your gariníon (granddaughter)?
Pierre, In the box where you type, click on the Add an image icon and it should show up on the thread.
Grandfather and child! Maith thú!

Well, I'm off to work now so I'll talk to you later my friend!
Slán go fóill!

Mé agus mo deirfiúr ag an eas.
Tá sé go hálainn! Looks like paradise to me Rodrigo!
Go raibh maith agat, mo cara. That one I took during Easter, in a waterfall here in Rio. Looking fwd to bring some more photos.
Slán go foill.
Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Gaeilge... But I love the sound and I would love to learn this language. I once tried to give one of my photos an Irish caption (I show a lot of my photos in a photo community). So I want to share it here as well.

I had the great pleasure to visit Ireland twice - in October 2004 and May 2005. Both times with my husband. Since he broke up with our marriage I have 'bittersweet' memories when I see the pictures I took during these vacations. That gave me the idea for the title.

I hope I'm doing that right - I mean I hope the caption I correct in Gaeilge - if not, please let me know...

cuimhne brónach

Nice image Rike! Perfect title! I really like the selective focus in this shot.
Thanks for sharing your art!

Tírdreach dar dáta dúlra ( I wanted to writte: Landscape of nature)
Ups... I meant to write " Tírdhreach "
Beautiful! Tá sin go breá!!


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