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Dia dhuit ar maidin! God be with you this morning!

Let's start a thread consisting of greetings and salutations. Post one greeting and one salutation as Gaeilge (in Irish) and its literal translation.

I will use what we get to create a new set on Quizlet.

Is mise le meas, (I am respectfully / sincerely)

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my favorite saying of all!
Conas' a ta' tu?
Go raibh agat a Felicia. Tá sé sin go maith!
Maith thú! Thanks for all the excellent material. I'm going to put all that has been posted in a new set very soon!

Slán anois!
Just a quick note to let you all know I put up a new set on Quizlet - Greetings, salutations and Blessings. I'll add to the set as we get more material. In the mean time, sign on and practice!
Hey, Robert. Sorry for not being able to post everyday (midterm exams coming ahead)... But this Friday is when I'll sit in front of the computer and get updated with all the new stuff. I do hope we can go on with the Blas program.
Go raibh míle maith agat, mo cara.

Slán agat - (bye. Lit. 'health be at you'. Said by the person leaving)
Slán leat - (bye. Lit. 'health be at you'. Said in response by the person staying)
Rodrigo--how do you do it all. I am finding that I cannot understand the irish I am reading--in fact, I have no clue--even though I used to know what was being said. I have not had anyone ot talk to for so long, that now I have to virtually start over.
Good luck with exams--I am just finishing mine. Slan! Nil' se' gael, ach ta' se' fuar innui.
(It is not bright, but it is warm today)
Dia duit, mo cara!
If I may give my opinion, I do believe that 'warm' or 'hot' would be said as 'te' ( the "t" sounding like 'check' and a low pitched "e").
Slán agus beannacht.
hey--you are right ta' se' te" means it is hot --fuar is cold.
Go raibh maith agat a Felicia.
The wee bit I know is due to threads we had on the previous group. But, I always check the English/Irish dictionary Robert suggested us (for both my English and Irish are very poor =D ).
Thanks for the good wishes. I hope we both can do great in our academic lives, ;)

[Saying "Tá sé te anois" is kinda redundant here in Rio - LOL!]
nil se' a scamallagh in Rio? haha (not putting down the snow in reno?) I think I just need to keep practicing and find my dictionary too! ta' se' te is it is warm. my error.
the accent is called a fada and it alters the sound and sometimes tense. Without an example, I cannot discern difference off the top of my head.

Hey, check it out--soemthings are coming back! HA!


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