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Dia dhuit ar maidin! God be with you this morning!

Let's start a thread consisting of greetings and salutations. Post one greeting and one salutation as Gaeilge (in Irish) and its literal translation.

I will use what we get to create a new set on Quizlet.

Is mise le meas, (I am respectfully / sincerely)

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Tá sé go maith!

Here's another: Sith agus Sláinte 'bha! (peace and good health on you!)
Dia duit. (hello).
Mise Rodrigo. (I am Rodrigo)
Go mbeannaí Dia duit. (pleased to meet you)
Slán agus beannacht. (bye and blessings)
Maith thú! Glad to see everyone joining in!

Sith agus sláinte 'bha! (Peace and good health to you)
Dia duit, is mise Sónia! ( Hello, I´m Sónia!)
Cad é mar atá tú? ( hello how are you?)
Oíche mhaith ( Goodnight)
Slán! (Goodbye!)
Dia is Muire dhuit a Sónia!

Excellent examples. I'll be sure to add them to the set!

Slán anois!
Trathnóna maith agat! (good evening)

Slán sábháilte! (safe and sound)
Maith thú! Tá sé sin go maith!
Dia dhuit a Robert! Ta' se' fuar agus gael innish.
Good Day and God be with you Robert! It is warm and bright today.
Tá sé sin go an-mhaith! (that is very good)
one very small correction:
inniu - today
inish is now:always mess them up.
You're doing just fine Felicia!
Thanks for your contributions to the group!
Slán abhaile! (Said to someone going home.)

abhaile - homeward (journey)


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