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Every few days, I will be posting a new question, poll, etc.

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If you had to pick a different instrument to play, what would it be?
The Ullian Pipes. I love the sound, and I can't emulate them all that well on my keyboards.
The flute because it is a nice sounding instrument that is peaceful and its little and weighs 1ib. :)
It'd have to be the guzheng - such a serene instrument! I first really noticed it after watching "Gorillaz Live in Harlem:"

That's a tough one. I started out playing the harmonica and I wanted to play guitar so I got one and learned. Then I wanted to learn the mandolin and I married a mandolin player and well... Next, I decided I've always wanted to learn the fiddle so, that's what I'm hooked on now.

ADD, it's a terrible thing to waste!

Who knows what I'll tackle next?!
Hah, gotta love it! That's one of the reasons I'm a keyboard player. Don't like the sound or getting bored of it? *CLICK!!* Next sound. It's nice to be well rounded in music too, so kudos =]

~Shawn McCoy
Well that didn't go too well...
Anyways, here's a trivia question! Whoever answers it first, um, is the winner? Ya.

Who writes/composes most of Enya's songs?
Enya herself, with Roma and Nicky Ryan, if I remember correctly..
You are RIGHT my good sir! And Welcome to the Group!
Normally I wouldn't have made a new question this fast, but our newest member is a quick one! The next question is:

What was the name of the movie where Sinead O'Connor appears as an angel?
Butcher Boy
>< Dang, this is funny... I feel like I'm a game show host, hah. That was supposed to be a hard one that sat for a few days! Um, let's see now... Good job by the way, didn't know anyone knew that movie.


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