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The spot to bounce ideas off one another and discuss music theory. You can post works-in-progress in here too.

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With all the talented musicians in this group, I figured a few are songwriters as well. Like the description implies, this section is mainly for getting a second opinion. I know that I personally get numb to my own songs while I'm sitting there working on them for hours at a time. Plus, the secret to selling music is playing what other people want to hear more than it is playing what YOU think sounds good. Well school has started, got to get going. I hope this section gets put to good use...

~Shawn McCoy
Any lyracists, poets, or writers that have material but no song to put it to? Ever since I discovered that I can make my voice sound better than Bon Jovi's with just 30 plug-ins and effects, I've been wanting to do a few keyboard tunes with vocals. Anyone interested in collaborating? Message me or comment if interested.

~Shawn McCoy

I would be willing to help.


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