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I have a question for the group! How does one go about acquiring a quality bodhrán and what is the best type (tunable vs non-tunable)?
I've always wanted to buy one and I always seek out quality in an instrument, or anything else for that matter!

Anyone have an opinion on this?

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I couldn't tell you off the top of my head, but I will be doing some research later, trying to find some bodhrán sound samples to play to. If I come across some useful information while doing so, you will be the first to know. I've invited at least one more person already, so this will soon be a very helpful thread.

~Shawn McCoy
Thanks Shawn!
I did some research, and I found that eBay has a few. There are also a few custom private businesses that will make and ship them. As far as tunable vs non-tunable, it is all in your personal taste. Lemme dig around the web for some samples of each, and I'll throw them on here.

~Shawn McCoy
Here you are bud, a '7 year old Brendan White 14" tunable'
Sounds like a good one!
I went to see Gaelic Storm last night here in Port Angeles. They were great! Got to see a couple of real pros play the bodhrán and it was pretty amazing. Neither of the two that played used a tunable bodhrán so I'm thinking the pros like the non-tunable type. I learned a lot just from watching them.
I can tell you this - It looks like it takes tons of practice.
I'll check into the Brendan White bodhráns.
My best friend is a well known studio drummer and collects high quality world percussion instruments. He owns two Bodhráns, tunable & non-tunable.
The tunable one is made by percussion industry giant "Remo". ($125 +/-).
It's heavy duty and look like any standard trap set piece. You want a tunable Bodhrán if the song requires that the percussive harmonics not clash with any other acoustic 'skinned' tracks. Peter Gabriel uses tuned Bodhrán along with heavy tom fills, and the tuning needs to be accurate to get the desired effect of a balanced blend free of potentially distracting dissonants.
My friend (being a purest at heart) prefers to use his traditional Bodhrán with aged wood & real animal hide. The sound being more harmonically rich & warm.
He says his 'real' Bodhrán has no logo plate on it, is quite old and well used. He found it on EBay for $30.
He also uses it in non-traditional ways by evoking tones from it with a variety of strikers (i.e. palm sander, wine glasses....). I guess that's why he gets the interesting $$$ gigs! :-)
Thanks Jake! I'll have to keep an eye out on ebay. Sounds like you friend got a stellar deal as I know handmade bodhráns can get pretty pricey. In my location the weather changes quite a bit, one day being humid and the next dry. I'm thinking that a tunable might be a good bet for me.
Thanks for taking the time to respond and I'll let you know what I find!
Hi Robert...!
Just curious... Have you been into the "Bodhrán stuff" group and ask your question..?
Maybe there you could get other answers... Might worth to give it a try... ;-)
Sounds like god advice. I'm not quite ready to buy one yet but trying to do the research first. I always buy quality and need some guidance on bodhráns. That way when I ready, I'll know just what I need.
Thanks for the suggestion!
Hi Robert I did a little research on bodhráns and you can grab a ton of info from the net. There are many different brands and of course the custom made but I think its personal preference as is your playing style. I just bought my first Bodhran yesterday and its a non tunable one 18" Waltons Bodhran, I bought it from my drum shop where I've been going for 40 years and I'm happy with it. Let me tell you Robert after playing drums for over forty years, having that instilled into me then going to the Bodhran its a way different style. I tried it for the first time last night and there wasn't blood,sweat or tears it was blood swears and tears which could be heard all over my neighbor-hood! But I will practice practice practice. I intend to get a tunable Bodhran and maybe a few more but don't tell the wife! Honest Robert for all those years of drumming I've never had such enjoyment as I've had over the last 24 hours when playing my Bodhran. Cheers Billy
There is a group of pro bodhran players that can tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about bodhrans. Go to


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