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Who are you? What do you play? For how long? Let's get to know eachother a little.

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oh yea and if you want you can check out some of my stuff on myspace at really rough cause i recorded it myself...using a multitrack recorder..etc...also the beats in two of the songs were done with a beatmaker...i forget what its called...but it was fun and i love making music....
hi great to see a page for all ,my name is crios singer song writer ,play guitar, i am currently working on an album at the minute ,recording on the 16 of this month,living in tallaghr at the moment , hello
Hello, I am Andrea McHugh. I am Not a musician, but I love music. I am an American living in California, but wish to someday move to Ireland to compleate my studies. I Have just recently Joined Live Ireland and I wish to wexpore the Irish culture, I have always found that the best way to do this is through Music. so I am here to learn form you all, I may not say much bt I am eager to read what you all have to share.
Im Mary Kathleen Burke and I play guitar and sing I also write songs and like to interpret other writers songs . I grew up in N Ireland listening to showband music I was into punk music when I was a teenager (that wasent yesterday ) I left home when I was 16 years old and went to Glasgow where I have remained ever since . I have a licensing deal with Greentrax recordings and my album a song in her heart was released last year to worldwide critical acclaim and has had some great reviews and airplay .I am not really known very much in Ireland which saddens me and it is my dream to come home to Ireland to do some gigs . I used to play the accordion in a hibs band and just recieved a new accordion from my boyfriend for my xmas so ive been sitting trying to learn some tunes but its going to take a while its mainly for fun for me . I have been presenting a radio show for for 17 months every sun night 7 to 9 and enjoy that very much and have met and interviewed some great talent I was offered the show after being a guest I think they liked my blarney :) my best guest was Dave Sharp co founder and lead guitarist of The Alarm he was super cool and I took him to a Glasgow pub after the show he got up and sang and totaly rocked the place . I am always looking for musicians to jam with thats what I like best I still get nerves before I perform on stage and many of the songs on my ablum relate to real life experiences .I went back into education when I was 40 and that is when my Dyslexia was spotted I will never be able to play music of a sheet but I dont need to I hear it and count myself very privelaged to have been given this gift I couldnt live without playing music and singing and most of all listening . I sang country for ten years and then came back to folk music though I dont like to be put in a box . I love Susan Boyle I cried when I heard her version of Wild Horses and i think its great she still takes the bus to go places I dont like musicans with huge egos I like musicians like Susan who dont even realise how gifted they are . Kind Regards to all Mary

With great trepidation I am joining this discussion; I've never been part of anything resembling this experience in my whole life. Please be nice to this newbie. I am interested in learning to fiddle Irish style. In my youth I played violin, at age 60 I am quite rusty. Step 1: to get my instrument in playing order. Step 2: practice, practice, practice to get my dexterity back. Step 3: to start copying what I hear on LiveIreland since I have no 'how to' books or local (rural Alabama) acquaintances to learn from. All offered advice will be listened to. Warning: I am a sporadic Internet participant, because life's commitments intrude.


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