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Who are you? What do you play? For how long? Let's get to know eachother a little.

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My name is Glen Myers. I just joined and so far so good. Right well i play piano, oboe/english horn, mountain and hammered dulcimer, all of the sax family, just started taking up the trumpet, hopefully the clarinet before too long, and a mean tin whistle. Unfortunately when i sing angels die. I've been involved in music since I was about seven and have dabbled in composition but not really too good at it.So that's me in a nutshell as far as music goes.
Welcome to Live Ireland, and to the group! Good to have another piano player in the team... Quite a nice collection of other skills as well! I can't sing to save my life either, although as a digital keyboard player, I can alter my voice with plug-ins til I sound like Bon Jovi! Glad you joined, look forward to talking with you more later,

~Shawn McCoy
Hi all... I am Kevin. I play the guitar, and highland bagpipes. (not at the same time, of course) I have also been accused of singing, but its only a vicious rumour. Been singing since I was 5 and my mum put me in front of a crowd of 200 at a St. Pat's Day party and made me sing "If You're Irish".... been doing it ever since.
Hey Kevin! I've always wanted to take up the pipes as a second instrument... Thanks for taking the time to say hi, you should check out the new trivia section by the way. Alot of fun, and unfortunately not alot of people doing it.

~Shawn McCoy
Greetings everyone from California's Mojave Desert! My name is Ralph and I have been playing the bagpipes for about six years now. There's nothing better in life than lighting off the drones and seeing how the sound of the pipes can touch an individual's soul and bring a smile to their face. My favourite times to play: Christmas at church and of course; St. Patty's day!
Yes! Another pipe player! I love the bagpipes, especially the ullien pipes. Bet you I spelled that wrong. Anyways, do you write? Good to have you, looking forward to talking.

~Shawn McCoy
hi, i'm tom and i play guitar, sing, play bodhran and some keyboards using an m-audio midicontroller linked to my computer through an ancient soundblaster card with kx drivers

mainly i play traditional irish music but also do gigs playing 60s & 70s, dylan, beatles, simon and garfunkel kind of stuff as well as pop songs of that period

i have a band 'rapscallion' and we play around east cork where we are based - just finishing our first cd and wondering about how to market the band now

well done shawn on starting a brilliant group
ps i use audacity to record and ntrack to mix, a usb external soundcard for the audio, line6 ux2 toneport, alesis powered monitors, akg 1000 and rode nt1a mics
I'm ecstatic at having another digital keyboard player in here! I myself have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro box, and E-Mu 49 note, and a tweaked-to-hell-and-back HP Pavillion zd8000 laptop in front of me at the moment. I had a crap mic that I got from a friend, and I'm using some small yet powerful Creative speakers. I need to get some professional speakers soon though. Me and my father are starting up a Pink Floyd tribute band as soon as we get over to Florida, but I've been doing church gigs since I was about 14 with my father. Thanks by the way, I was happy this morning to see that my member count shot up by four, and even happier to find that you were one of the four. I always like talking to other digital keyboard players... Gotta go like now, got some work to do. Respond soon and we will talk shop and how to go about marketing your band. Nice to meet you!

~Shawn McCoy
Hello, Stephen Shepard here. I play the fiddle or should I say, at 47, I'm a 7 month student of the fiddle, (which would be more to the point). In the past, I've taught myself to play guitar, mandolin and mouth harp, in all cases reaching the level of an accomplished novice. After a long... Oh let's call it a "break for station identification" (older americans will know what I mean), I picked up the fiddle and have begun formal lessons. My instructor is from the classical school, but is open to letting me have free reign, as far as genre. He just coaches me in basic technique, tonality and seems to believe that I was born with a fiddle in my hand. I do need a traditional instructor I know, but while I search, this keeps me learning. I'm a regular visitor to and have been blessed with a wonderful friend who is a professional fiddler, (her encouragement and words of wisdom, invaluable).

So, glad to have found this site and forum. I hope to learn alot and contribute in what ever small way, I can.
:) Good to have you! I have a lot of respect for anyone who attempts learning an instrument on their own, and you've managed multiple. It's always a perk to have a little classical knowledge with instruments, because you can always find a spot to throw a bit of it into your own style (if that made ANY sense whatsoever). You are lucky to have a friend who is gifted in it as well. I know that having my father and best friend be pianists/keyboard players is surely a huge encouragement. I am happy that you found your way here, but I am sorry to admit that I have been letting my group slip a little bit lately. You should check out the trivia section that I created about a year ago; I think I make it fun... Well, nice to have you, and thanks for joining! Looking forward to chatting in the future.

~Shawn McCoy
My name is Ted McCormick, Irish/English descent living in Huron National Forest in N Mich USA. I am a blues musician and have been playing guitar since I was fourteen. Vocals are my strongest point.
I quit playing for a number of years because my wife got sick of the music scene, lets just say I was leading a somewhat destructive life.
After I moved in the woods I began playing in a band again to my wifes dismay, but I have grown up. Our band has been together since 2001 and we are all on the same page...leave ego's at the door so we all get along well. I would love to post some of our material but we do blues cover and I am not too sure of copy right laws here, but I will be posting some clips.

I bought a new 1978 Les Paul Custom ($714.00 US) still an excellent guitar except I wore the finish off the neck over the years
Also, I play a 1991 Gibson ES-135 which I use most of the time, to me better tone for blues/jazz. Personal preference I guess.
My amp is a 1982 Peavy tuber with two 12's.


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