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Who are you? What do you play? For how long? Let's get to know eachother a little.

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I'm Shawn McCoy, and I've been playing keyboard since I was seven. I play out live every Sunday with my father at church. I am a songwriter, but unfortuanatly I can't sing to save my life. Although I have a new Fantom keyboard that I'm borrowing from the church I play at, I usually jam and record my music on my E-mu Midi Controller. I hook that up to my oversized HP Laptop which has all the sounds I need and more. In this Discussion, you are encouraged to talk about anything and everything musical. Especially celtic music :)
I'm Rodrigo Monteiro. I'm Brazilian, I study Mechanical Engineering and I've been playing guitar since I was 14. At the beginning of this year I started to have violin classes (and frankly, I'm kinda disappointed with my teacher). It's difficult to find good violin teachers in my city. However, I'm not giving up - I want and I will learn the fiddle! (hehehe)
And you can be sure I'm the rookie boy in the group (lol!).
Hello! My name is Robert Brady and I am originally from Boston, MA. I live in Port Angeles WA now and will probable retire here. I have played the guitar for most of my life, just as a hobby, and I have no real talent for it but have managed to put together some songs over the years. I also play the Blues Harp some and would love to learn Bodhrán. My brothers also play guitar and we jam whenever we get the chance.
Hi all, it's nice to see that after a few hours, I've already got three very talented musicians in the group. I can tell already that this is going to be a very fun and productive crowd.
My name is Jake, I'm a professional keyboard player of Irish descent, living in Austin, Texas by way of Philadelphia. This is my 32nd year playing professionally. I am both 'old school' and cutting edge at the same time. I use the very latest in computer technology to virtually build the keyboard system I always wanted, but could never amass all at one time & in one place. I use a custom built computer on stage & in the studio to create everything from hammered dulcimer, searing lead guitar to Vienna boys choir.
My favorite thing to do is create very authentic acoustic sounding instrument ensembles from my computer. I have one set-up I created that sounds like an acoustic Celtic band playing in an open, wooden room. The instruments are detuned and the timing offset enough from each other to emulate the imperfections that are synonymous with life ensemble playing.
Moving to Tampa, Florida this summer to find better paying gigs. Austin's music reputation is both tripe & hype generated by the board of tourism. It's mostly mediocre musicians playing SRV tunes to drunk college kids for free beer & weed. Hardly a climate for a seasoned professional looking to earn substantial full time wages from playing music, and not need a day gig.
Whew! :-)
Jake, being the most accomplished musician in the group, I thing your handle should be - The Real McCoy!! Quite a bio my friend. I love to hear some of your music!
Funny thing, back in 1983 I opened my first commercial recording studio & record label. It was called "Reel McCoy Productions". In the logo, the 'o' in McCoy was a tape reel. Us old school guys remember tape reels.
Ya, I seem to remember them too! LOL Things have sure changed!
Yes! My dad got me, my sis, little bro, and himself all tickets to go see River Dance! This is going to be great.
Hi there..!
I am a "not professionnal" fiddler : I've been playing for my own pleasure for over 30 years... around the table...! ;-) I've played few gigs here and there, when causes were worthy (no $ involved, though..!). I once had the opportunity to be in a studio for a collaboration at friend's recording... but no Juno's award for that..! ;-) And that is ok like that..! Well... I love to play music, but I'm very shy when it comes to perform in front of an audience... rather keep it small... ;-)
P.s. oh... I know few mandoline and guitar chords as well... but I keep those to play *under* the table only..! lol
Welcome WWM, talent comes with passion, and if you've kept it up for over 30 years, there is surely something to be said about your skills. I am shy aswell when it comes to playing in front of people. I prefer to keep my back turned or even hid behind the curtain every time I play out. Lol, it used to be where when I played for my family, I would tell them not to look at me! Well it's good to have you join us. Remember that there is a song request discussion incase you are looking for anything. Cheers!

~Shawn McCoy
Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the welcome...!

Where is the Song Request discussion..?

j/k ( I know we're now turning so busy..!!! )

Anyhow, cheers to everyone...! ;-)



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