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I will be uploading a remake of my first full song here in a few...weeks hopefully. I might upload a sample of it before than. If anyone was lucky enough to catch a peek of the song I uploaded before in a different group, you have an idea of what I can do. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is capable of!
Hey Shawn- Help! I added two mp3's but they were playing at double speed on the site! So I pulled them back down. How do I fix that? They don't play at double speed on my computer.
Jake (your father)
Hi Jake,
Is the double speed issue now solved..? If not, what I could suggest is to let that know to Daithi, he is the Webmaster in here. If he can't fixed it, I'm sure he will be able to direct you towards an expert from Ning..! Although, I'm sure he's quite busy at the moment, getting things ready for St-Pat... so you might want to wait until... hmmm... let's say... March 20th before reporting it..! lol
If anyone knows about any glitch or uploading problem where songs play in fast forward, please tell me if there is a way to fix it. Thanks.

ALSO, my father and I are in the process of digitally mastering my first song. After that, I will be posting it on here or on my page. It's a traditional celtic tune, all acoustic instruments. Very fun but challenging to make.

~Shawn McCoy
Hi Shawn,
I just replied to Jake regarding the *double speed* problem of Jake... I thought you might be interested in reading my two pennies comment..! ;-)
Wow, VERY impressive! I'm kind of jealous, I put together and recorded a trad celtic piece, and it ended up sounding more American, modern, and rock-ish than it did traditional. I hope to hear more from you, it was very enjoyable.

~Shawn McCoy
I've been putting off uploading this for so long, but here it is finally. I would have liked it to be more traditional sounding instead of modern and rock-ish, but hey, it's cool. I played and recorded every track myself, and my father helped with the mastering. It is still technically a work in progress, but if I waited til I was completly comfortable with it, no one would ever get to hear it. FEEDBACK IS ENCOURAGED :D

~Shawn McCoy

(I just realized, I never even named it anything! Hah...)
Oops, I thought I uploaded the mp3... Sorry about that. As soon as I get home from school, I will be sure to convert it and upload it again. Thanks for pointing that out.

~Shawn McCoy
OK, here it is again, but this time (thanks to WWM), it is in mp3 format. Like I said before, feedback is highly encouraged and appriciated. Enjoy!

~Shawn McCoy
*Taken off since, um, it's not that good. Don't want it representing me :P*
Hi Shawn,
Upload audio files (even .mp3) is not a very pleasant process for me, being on dial-up here at home...! (sigh..!)
So, here is an invitation to every members of *General Musician Chat* to visit the *Just Fiddling Around* group and listen to the *e-Jukebox* in there.
I've recently upload a home-made recording of a trad tune from Québec named : La cardeuse.
And we are all hoping the playlist will eventually get longer and longer, little by little...!
P.s. Of course, everyone is welcome to join in the *Just Fiddling Around* group..! The minimum requirement is to like the playing of bow instruments..! ;-)
I've uploaded a few songs to my personal page here, so I thought it's a bit of a double do (you see I'm also creative with language) to link em here too ;)
So you might want to check em out (and leave a comment or 2 ;) )


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