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Request and provide songs here.

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Well, I'll start with a request: anything you can share about "Eilis Kennedy" and "Karan Casey", please!
And there's an album I was looking for entitled "The East Wind" - Davy Spillane and Andy Irvine.

And sorry guys, all I have in my pc is classical and baroque music, a little Brazilian popular music and Metal. In case you get interested, just ask me.
I'll see what I can do! Welcome by the way, and thanks for joining up. I was hoping by the end of today to have at least one new member, and to eventually get this discussion page rolling, and you provided both. Nice.

~Shawn McCoy
Rodrigo, my internet at home has been screwy, so I've been on here only at school when chances pop up. Soon as the net is stable at home, I'll do a search for you. I'd like to put a request out:

Title: The Two Conneeleys
Artist: Ragus
Album: An Seo

Sheet music or the actual song, maybe even a midi of it. Whatever. I'm making a remake of it.
Alright, mate. In case I get this song u requested, I toss it to ya through email or something. Good luck with the connection there!
Slán go fóill!
Sounds good bud. My father fixed the wifi, so I'll be on the net every chance I get today. I've been trying to recruit some more people into this group, but it hasn't been really succesful. With more people, this section will really be effective.

~Shawn McCoy
Hey, I found that song that I wanted. It's playing behind some goofy youtube video. As soon as I find out how to record audio straight from the sound card, I'll have that tune. Oh ya, my dad came across a goldmine of afro celt sound system songs. If anyone is looking for any individual songs by them, tell me, I'll dig them up.

~Shawn McCoy
I'd love more of Afro Celt songs. I'm looking for one called Mojave Downmix. It's a remix of Mojave and it's awesome! I heard it on their Myspace page. I can't seem to find it on the net anywhere, on CD or as an MP3 download. Let me know if you can get that one.
No problem, I might even have it for you by the end of the day. I was planning on going through all of the afro celt songs and seeing which ones I liked anyways. Btw, congrats to you for all the people joining your gaelic group. You are doing a flawless job keeping up with it.

~Shawn McCoy
Go raibh míle maith agat!
:( I couldn't find the remix, sorry. I'm thinking it might be unofficial or a fan remix, because what I have is all their official releases. Any other tunes of theirs that you are looking for? On second thought, if you remember the myspace page address, tell me and I'll record it straight from that page to an MP3.

~Shawn McCoy
Here it is:
It's a long song that builds as it goes on and ends up just jammin! I love it!
Check it out.
Shawn, I contacted Afro Celt Sound System about the song and apparently is an un-released song. Martin Russel, one of the main band members actually sent me an e-mail and explained things. Apparently it was a collaboration and the parties involved coundn't get along so Mojave Downmix and some other songs never got released.
He is sending me an mp3 for my personal use! Pretty cool! I can't in good faith put it up on my player though.
Anyway, thought you might find that interesting!


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