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Here is the thread where you are more than welcome to put in your own musical material, be it original composition or interpretation...
Simply for the pleasure of sharing with others what's your instrument(s) sounds like...! ;-)
Could be fun (and inspiring..!) to hear what others do with their bow...
Feel free to contribute...!

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Lukey's jig :

Here is a tune composed by Russ from Newfoundland, in which I've tried to put a bit of Irish flavour (so pretentious..! lol)...

I will see if it is possible to insert one of these widgets (.mp3 player)... but in the meantime, here is an .mp3 file...
Thanks for the good words, Russ... and thanks for the creation works..! I have really enjoy the time while working on Lukey's..! Now, I'd like to play it faster a bit... Time will tell..! ;-)
Hi group...!
Here is a little traditional *reel* from Saguenay area, in Québec province... La cardeuse could either be the woman who *carde* the wool, or the machine's name used to *carder* the wool... I'll have to google it and find the proper English word... anyhow... I hope you'll like it..!

Just got a new little recent recording of two reel... and just started a new thread and finally decided to put them in there, because it is played with a not conventional tuning... however, I reserve the right ( lol ) of eventually change my mind back and throw that second recording right here... who know's..! ;-)

The new discussion's title is *different tunings*... easy to find, I think...
so feel free to have a listen...


Here's a few tunes I like by a local fiddler named Katie Keller.
Wow... !
No doubt in my mind, Katie Keller has a *solid* fiddling style...!
Thanks for sharing these lovely tunes, Carrie Ann...!!
Happy New Year 2009... with plenty of time for fiddling (around!)...
Bonjour Alex..!
Thank you so much for this new addition to *our* great e-jukebox..!
Merci pour cette nouvelle contribution à notre juke-box électronique et communautaire..!
Ça progresse rondement, à ce que je vois..! Lâche pas..!!!
You all inspire me with your musical contributions. And what great Old Time Fiddlin'from Katie Keller.
I think that musicians put a kind of joyful magic into the world. My motto is "if it makes people want to dance, then God is listening."
Perhaps I will contribute some of my own one of these days.


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