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I love finding a group that is about fiddles. Is there a way to share sheet music? Of course it would have to be in public domain, so as not to infringe on copyright laws. I am always looking for new music, and sharing music. Most of what I have is public domain.

Thanks All

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Hi Dover..!
Thanks for joining the "fiddling around" group..! Heartly welcome in..!
Regarding your request about musical sheets, I will certainly let other members answering you
==­­> I strictly play by ear... sorry..! I wish I could read, though..! ;-)
Hi Dover,
Check out the following site if you are looking for sheet music. There are tons (or should that be tonnes now the we are metric in Canada) of tunes. You do have to join up, but the process is painless and I have not received any spam yet as far as I know. You may also find other players in your area. Hope you find this useful.

Fair winds and clear skies, element.
I have been a member of The Session for a couple of years. And no I have never in that time received any spam! They have thousands of songs, and I also like that they have midi files of the songs. If there are any other sites that have music that would be great too. Thank you so much for your reply.


The Session is the Main site for irish sheet music period. A lot of useful info like i.ex. on recordings of tunes (cd etc.)

This in my opinion is far more important that the sheet music itself. Irish music is so much about intonation and personal style. Notes are really just for orientation, when it comes to folkmusic.

Wondering if anyone has sheet music to Danny Boy...has to be for "beginners" though. I'm 48 and only been playing for a couple of years. I promised the girls at the office I would learn Danny Boy and play it for them on St. Patrick's I crazy?? yeh....! Must be! If I don't get practising soon, might as well forget it.......Thanks all.
has the site:

if any score entitled copyright you will see, but few that have.


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