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I love a fiddle or Violin, Madly in love with the sound! I was blessed earlier this year to have various members from both the San Francisco Symphony and San Ramon Symphomy, play on my first album! The sound a violin makes can either cause tears to swell in my eyes or make me jump around dancing like a mad fool( I believe thats my Irish roots Showing)! Playing mostly Piano and drums, I have had to play my violin through the computer! I guess I havent the required touch for playing a violin as well as I expect(though I keep trying)!!!

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Hi Norma..!
Be welcome into the group..!
You are absolutely right... music is closely related to our own "emotional center", be it happy or sad... And strings instruments played with a bow can easily trigger our emotions... (the sound of a erhu, for example...)
Great to see you here... and may you "keep on trying"..!!! ;-)


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