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Hi and welcome everybody..!

Here is a group dedicated to fiddle and cousins (relatives). No doubt those instruments are well appreciated among LI radio listeners. Plus there is many musicians (and fiddlers as well..!) here and there in the LI community..!

So, feel free to join in, bring discussion's subject, say how much you love (or hate) fiddles... We are here strictly to talk and exchange and share and have fun about it..!

Enough from me... Your turn now....! ;-)



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Hi everybody..!
I've been "fiddling around" for years... and still love it..!
But I am shy when it comes to play for an audience, depending of the causes...!
I love to play for danses, although this barely never happened so far..!!!
Always being excited when comes the time of learning a new tune...!
My répertoire is mainly composed of Québécois and Irish tunes... but not limited to those...
I can't play and don't think I've ever even held a violin but I know I love the beautiful music they can produce. Perhaps my feelings for this instrument come from my Grandfather who did play and never had a lesson in his life. Sad that his genes didn't pass to me but I believe my sons have inherited them. It never ceases to amaze me the incredible range of sounds that the violin can produce!
Hi OldWarHorse3..!
It is a true pleasure to count you among this "fiddle's friends" group..!
Help yourself, your are at home... so will be each and every bow lover here...!
We all have to keep in mind the fact that music wouldn't have much sense without peoples that appreciate it... by dancing on it, or simply listening to it and enjoy the comfort of a well known (or a totally new...) melody...!
Looking forward to read you again herein..!
Hi there.thanks for invitation. I'm a fiddler-greenhorn-maximus ;)
i bought a fiddle long time ago but didn't have too much time to is cheap one for begining.any tips and advices from you will be highly recommended ;)
take care
Hey Gabriel...!
Nice to see you here..!!!

I have a first tip for you, which may apply to other persons, I think :
Keep the fiddle nearby and handy... and find spare times..! ;-)

May your horns get mature soon...! lol
thanks man.
don't be so shy and send me one of your tunes ;)
I agree with your comment about music and being appreciated, WWM and I also believe that animals enjoy it too. Remember the old adage, "music hadth charms to soothe the savage beast"! We always keep radios in the barns not only for our enjoyment but also for the horses. I have a question, does anyone know when the first violin was "created"? It has to be a long time ago because we all aware that Nero "fiddled around" while Rome burned down.

And I agree with Gabriel, PLEASE add some of your own playing to your page or on this group's page.

Thank you for the invite. :) The Bridies are not able to be online a great deal, but proud to be part of your group/site and will check up on same when about. Happy Holidays!
Hey... Great to welcome you in, Ladies..!
Drop in whenever you feel like it... and you have time..!
P.s. Which one of you wrote..?


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