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I have to admit that music for the most part to me has been a spectator sport. I was half heartedly in the high school band. Brass. I came back from Eire with a Bodhran and I am trying not to bring shame to Bodhran players everywhere when I play. I am amazed at the talented musicians on this website. I love all the original work.

I have been known to have a few things published, but I don't write as much as should be right. I love to read.

I am trying to improve my own skills as a leathersmith and spend a lot of time teaching. I don't draw very well and get a lot of the Celtic knotwork that I use from other sources. Stones, books and even got one from a mylive member's page.

I would like to hear from people just like you that have skills in the other Celtic arts...what do you do?

I would like to see what other talents you have beyond the music.

My own website is Take a look.

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hi Gregory, I have done a little bit of leather work, not much. Made a pair of 14th century shoes, a kidney pouch, and that's about it right now. I have plans to make some more things, but leather is expensive I have descoverd! I have also done a little bit of blacksmithing. A friend of mine has a double bellows forge he made and we have used that (him more than me) to make several small things. I have only done a littel cold forging, but I think my arm almost fell off from hammering so much!
Your website looks great! Keep up the good work! I know a lot of time and effort goes into leatherworking :-)
well... I'm not exactly very good with anything, but I have a few skills in some areas. It's like if I split my skills so I'm less talented but in many things.

I built a few chainmail pieces (chest and head), an instrument ("bagflute"), a hat and two kilts. European stuff that's it. But I'm doing worldwide culture, so I've built a sakkat (that chinese hat like a ^ ) and this year I'll build a Samurai leather armor.
nice mix of cultures
Where did you get the pattern for the Samurai leather armour? Is it made with Curboil? Does the leather have patters carved on it?
I was never much of a leathersmith. Making a pouch is about the limit of my skills. Leather was more my mom's thing (she works mainly with deerskin). I've been making walking sticks since I was a kid, and been doing lapidary work for years (that's been sporadic since I can't afford lapidary equipment). Recently I've gotten into bone carving.

Mainly, though I enjoy writing and photography. I've self-published two novels and I'm working on another one.
Do you have some photos of your work? The carving and lapidary stuff. What were your novels about? What are the titles? I have written for newspapers and magazines, but not more than a few hundred words.
I'll post some pics of my stuff later today. I found bone works well for Celtic knotwork designs, since it's soft enough that it's easy to carve but hard enough to hold the designs really well.

The novels are mainly scif/fantasy. The published two are titled And They Shall Find Me There and Across the Great Green Sea. The first is science fiction flashing between the distant future and modern day, and the second is fantasy set in ancient Greece. They are both available on

Hi Gregory,


While I haven't tried a whole lot of Celtic influenced pieces, I do blacksmithing and have a fierce love of all things Irish/Celtic. My life plan is to learn about all the blacksmithy tools and bits that are in Irish history, learn how to produce them and then teach others about the pieces. My hope is that I could gain citizenship through that avenue.


I am learning Gaelic as a side hobby, but smithing is my love. Sadly, I've just had to move my shop recently, and the new place where I live does not have room for a new one. So for the time being, I am not smithing, but hope to change that in the coming months.




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