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Hey people,

Yesterday i found the live Ireland site and your bodhran group, and since i love playing my bodhran and talking about it; here i am ;-)

I'm a 34 year old guy from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and i have been playing the bodhran since August of last year.

I started out with a non tunable Walton's my girlfriend bought for me in Ireland last year, and last february i bought my new drum, a Christian Hedwitschak Rolf Wagels Edition, it's handmade, tunable, has a lambeg skin and it absolutely rocks !!!
Beautiful drum, beautiful sound, a bit expensive, but worth every penny!!!

mijn RWE 2


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Hey friend, welcome aboard. I play a Hedwitschak as well, but with the dragonskin head. I might get a RWE someday. They're fabulous drums, and Rolf is a super teacher and a great bodhranai.

Tom in Missouri
Nice drum, I still play a traditional un tunable drum i have had for 25 years made by Dick Lett a person i had the great pleasure to know has a friend, i would like to try a tunable one but i am so used to moving my hand on the skin to get different tone i think for me it would be a waste of money, still each to their own, welcome and enjoy the music.

Nick in the North East England


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