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so what type's of bodhran does everybody play??/ synthetic skin? goatskin, tuneable?, nontuneable?, 14", 18", 20"????? 3 1/2" deep, 7" deep?????

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I am happy that I don´t know anybody who likes a synthetic skin on a bodhrán ! The only way for a trad instrument is a good auld goat skin, my opinion. I only use goat skin. Most common size is 16" and 5,5" deep. I only make tuneable ones.
I agree about the goatskin. I have 4 bodhran's, 2 tuneable and 2 non tuneable, all goatskin. The nontuneables have a place in my heart, because that is how the drum was made originally and I like their sound and personality.
Sorry, but what do you mean with "originally" ? The history of the bodhrán as we know it today is not older than 45 years ;o)
and they were not tuneable 45 years ago, as far as I know (:
you are right :o) but what I just wanted to say is that ther is no "tradition" in bodhrán making like in pipe making or fiddle making.
gottcha----bodhrans were not even considered part of trad music unitl the 1960's--thanks to the other trad musicians(:
thanks god that this has changed completely :o)))))
yes--it is good that it has changed-- the music is better for it
Christian--what style do you play--up top style, Kerry, no beater???
A combination of both. But I think more influenced by the Kerry style.
I lean more towards the Kerry style as well, but also go with the hand and no beater/tipper as well. Isn't that called the Limerick style???
I don´t know if there is a name for the hand style. My friend Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh (yesssss I want to show off ;o)))))))))) ) is doing a lot of hand style as well. I´ll ask him some day. I am not sure, but I a think the Limerick style is with a short beater that is fixed on the thumb with a leather string. You use it in a kind of bell mallet in a way of topendstyle becuase you only use one end of the stick. As I said before: I am not sure.


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