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Ok well, just a basic first post, people here may be more interested in travel, so what countries have you been too?

For Me,

In Europe, well Ireland obviously, England, Wales, France, Germany. Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Bulgaria.

In Istanbul, Turkey, I crossed over from Europe in Asia

In Asia,
Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Singapore and Korea

What about everyone else?


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HHmm...where have i been?
Ok..I´ve been in probably every Country in Europe apart from Finland. Maybe one or two others Countris i cant think off right now.
My most adventerous Trip was crossing the African Continent from Cairo to Capetwon by Foot, car, train in the year 1989.
Seeing the Pyramids, climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, getting lack of water in the Namib Desert was just a few things i dexpierenced in Africa.
I would be worried to repeat the Trip i did once. There is too much Danger in almost every Country now in Africa and Tourists are easy targets nowadays.

My other trip i really injoined was seeing Aserbaidshan at the Caspian Sea. This Country is really a mixture of Europe and Asia like Turkey is. Amazing Buildings and Styles of Architecture.
One of my Dream is to take a trip along the Silk Road like Marco Polo did.
I´ve also been Mauritius but we got robbed in our Hotelroom at Night but only lost Money. So ....knock on Wood no one got hurt.

Well..thats it
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Canada, Ireland :-), England, France, Italy, Belgium, Greece and now living in Korea, on Jeju Island. Jeju is off the tip of the Korean peninsula, and is closer to Japan than to Seoul. The tourism folks call it "the Hawaii of South Korea," but that's wishful thinking! It's cold here in winter! If you want to know more about Jeju there's a good online magazine called Jeju Life,, that is run by a young English man who is a teacher here. I am a journalist back in the states, and have started helping him with it. I wrote a story recently about this amazing Buddhist hermitage on the slopes of Mt. Halla that you have to hike in to. There is also a link to my blog there, Under the Volcano. I'll attach a photo I took at another temple on the island. These statues flank the entrance.

I've been to Amsterdam and Milan,Italy because of work. Gotta love those racehorses!!! I've also been to Aguascalientes, Mexico to my daughter-in-law's parents retirement home. As far as Asia goes, I've been to Harbin, China twice because that's where my eldest son and his wife live. I'm really glad to see so many new members joining from all over the world!!


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