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Okay, let me say this.
So please don't foist it on me. That means please keep it out of any communication that you share with me here.
Thank you.

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Now I'm tempted.....its like don't press that red button in Father Ted.

Happy Winter Solstice!
MAy I ask why you do not "do" Christmas? Just curious. I find that each year I grow a little more cynical about the whole "holiday season" starting with HAlloween and ending at VAlentine's Day. I was surprised to findthat many students in one of myschool groups recently revealed either a love or a hate for Christmas, so I am now curious about why people feel one way or another.
I, too, am burned out on the hoopla, but in the first place I just don't do any of the stolen holidays.
Well, the latest news I've heard about this time of the year is that the "holiday depression" is a myth..!!
Even so, the lengthening of the night and the waning of the light understandably engender primal feelings of unease, at least. I entertain visions of sitting by a fire with family and friends, sharing stories of the years gone by, sharing what bounty we have, making and mending, encouraged by the knowledge that spring will come again in spite of how things are now.
I will always think of you as our semi-official greeter here, with a smile and a warm feeling in my heart..!!
Blessing, health and happiness to your house, and to all who take shelter therein..!!
It's a bit of a stand in the spotlight here, I dont think there is any harm intended, I got a lot of Happy Thanksgiving messages and I'm not American, peoples best intentions are what count. I'm vegeterian and get offered so many "rotting flesh" bird products over this season and just say no, because people dont know!
I wonder, sometimes, how many Americans are aware that Thanksgiving (the one in November) is an American thing.

As for the rotting flesh, I am vegetarian myself, and managed to get through holiday time without being exposed to too many dead birds, and, of course, did not partake of any at all.



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