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With the recent construction of the highway through the Tara-Skyrne valley, and the destruction of Rath Lugh, and allowing a farmer in Dingle to bulldoze an Iron age fort, and with the proposed construction near Balbriggan-which would erase any trace of monuments similiar to Newgrange- One can only wonder why the arrogance of the Irish Government persists in these insane schemes to wipe out heritage sites,  This is not new by any means, At Turoe in Galway, where one of the most beautiful decorated Iron Age stone was originally placed in Rath Feerwore, is today a tipping ground, and almost all of it's importance as an ancient sanctuary has been erased *see Fr. Tom O'Connor's "Hand of History-Burden of Pseudo History", Now the Turoe Stone sits in a dingy shed, away from the many eyes that have come to see it-possibly awaiting removal to a museum -  so called "To Protect it"-after two milleniums of Galway  weather, seems ludricous at best. Those planning a trip to Ireland should know how much care the Irish Government cares for it's heritage.

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