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mine is Come Out Ye Black and Tans by the Wolfe Tones.Why does it take sooooo long for people to respond on this forum?

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Well some people might be getting ready for Saint PAtrick's Day believe it or not. I am getting ready to go back to Ireland and with school and work, it gets a little nuts this time of year. Have you been in to the chat room yet? Once you meet some folks there, you'll get inundated with feedback
I am not sure if I know some Irish rebel songs, But I think from the Irish Bands that I know maybe The Pogues... I think this band sing some rebel songs, at least they had always a rebel look and way of sing ;-p
I like the one you mention, I eard it on youtube, and I think this song is funny!
Nice to meet you in here Stephanie!
Hooligans sing a lot of rowdy rebel songs.
This has always been one of my favorites
Stephanie, here is another song!
The Irish Rover - The Pogues and The Dubliners

I like this band in particular, they have not rebel song but without doubt they are a great Irish Band!

The Elders - Love of the Century

I love this next song in special!

The Elders - American Wake
I dont mean to promote my own music here, but this is another one of my favorite rebel songs.

Just great Kevin! Thanks for sharing this video with us!!!
I am a new member and I have allways loved The Dying Rebel
Hey Stephanie, I didn't forget about you I'm a busy guy but another song I really like is The Galway shawl it's not a rebel song but i really like it. here is the link I'm not sure how to post it yet but the link will take you there Cheers James Cunningham your, Canadian Neighbour
Hey Stephanie, This is what I was doing on ST Paddys night, Enjoy


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