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Just coming to the end of Michael Collins and the Making of a New Ireland and will probably re-read ,Planxty by Leagues O Toole.

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Whitethorn woods-Maeve Binchey

Shakespeare Plays, Sonnets/Norton Version

whitethorn woods was one i enjoyed; she has a new one now


I am currently reading:

The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology, Kerry Ferris & Jill Stein

Rethinking the ColorLine: readinggs in Race & Ethnicity, by Charles Gallagher

StreetWise-Race, Class & Change in An Urban Community, by Elijah Anderson

A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago-Heatwave, by Eric Klinenberg


The Green Flag by Robert Kee.
Currently reading The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus. Very indepth book, got to the part where my wife's family started, Three Irish men, Tone,Teeling and Sullivan at the battle in Killala Bay 22nd August and took the town of Ballina from the "Red Coats" of General Lake @ Castlebar. It's nice know ones family. Also read Blood on the Shamrock . give me some feed back please. thanks   Randy 

I am  reading this book also.  It will be a read and a re-read since as you point out it is very in depth.  I haven't got to the chapter you speak of yet but I am really enjoying it so far. 

Nice that you can read family history, you must marvel at the written word.

I am American Irish, my Paternal Grandmother hailed from Sligo.  I was brought up in an Irish Catholic home and I do identify myself with those roots.

Hope to visit one day. 

Hi Jeanne, This is Randy, I just finished the book today ,10 June, It is a book that I will keep as reference to important date. As my wife's family is in Bonniconlon which just east of Ballina Co. Mayo wonderful country up there. Are next visit I plan on hiking up Crough Patrick with friends in Westport. I'm ready for the next book. What part are you  in the book let me know . Nice for the feed back. Randy 
The Gathering Storm  Book 12 of the Wheel of time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Hi everyone!!


All these books you've been reading seem nice, I'll take a good advise then!! I'm curently reading Ulysses, by J.Joyce. Reading it in French first, because it seems to be sooo hard in English for a first reading. If any of you has already read it, could you please let me know about the way the different chapters are related to the mythical figures of the Homerean Odyssey??

Thanks a lot!!


Ron Paul, A Manifesto, The Revolution.

No doubt it is stuffed with the undenialbe truths that brought about that revolt.  How ironic that the same truths are so obviously denied or ignored by so many of our current office holders.  Hmmmm. 
"The Peoples's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn should be read by anyone interested in the history of the US.


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