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Recently the Hill of Tara has been under seige due to the motorway invasion. I was there and am appalled by what is happening there. I want to share another piece I wrote in dedication to Tara since I was deeply moved by my visit there in 2005. (The attached file is copyrighted material so I only ask that the reader respect my wishes in not reproducing or transmitting in any form and by any means without written permission from me.) I'm sure many of you have also visited Tara and have feelings about this. What are your feelings about the motorway running through the precious land of the Hill of Tara? To read up on this go to:

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Thanks for this wonderful informative! "The Book of Tara" by Michael Slavin"...excellent. What's the latest update there for the Hill of Tara?

No promises but we may do a livecast from Tara on the 21st. All going well timewise with the day job that is.

Yes, on the Summer Solstice.....superb and most appropriate. Please let me know as I will post on my Facebook, etc.

We went live yesterday with a video feed for 30 mins. Just a small ceremony at the lia fail. 12;)) PM Irish time.
The Folks that have petitioned against this and those that are truely insensed about this highway still have the power to boycotte it and encourage everyone to stay off of it... How lovely it would be if the grass just took it back due to unuse...
This site is probably one of the Oldest sacred sites in ALL of Europe dating back to 2000 BC. Do you think this could have happened in any other country in the world without International outcry and insurmountable pressure to Rethink the project...... Nope...

We must always remember that the reason these places are sacred and will ALWAYS be sacred are because we hold them to be as such... there is NO AMOUNT of ROAD that can take it from us and that will be the last laugh they will hear. They could dynamite all of Ireland into the heavens and we would still be Irish in our ways, our thoughts, our beliefs and our loyalties we will not be Homogenized as so many other cultures appear willing to become.
Generations of Irish Americans have proven that.

Stay of that road... and if you have to go on it.. pull over and plant something lovely on the side of it that will send roots very deeply!
Irish-Americans love Ireland, too...we feel outraged by the lack of respect for the beautiful, sacred land of the Hill of Tara. Ireland is the land of our ancestors...homogenization and all. I also feel helpless watching what is happening over there from so very far away. But, yes....we, too, have destroyed sacred sights in our country due to greedy developers and I dislike having to see it beginning to happen in Ireland. I hope the new alternative motorway plan will be accepted...anything to stay far from the sight of the Hill of Tara. Thank you for your stirring comment. : )
Yes we destroy things every day in this country to put up Rite Aids on every corner BUT we would not in this day and age be able to get away with (lets say) destroying a Sacred American Indian site to lay a Highway on it
30 or 50 years ago maybe but not now.
As soon as an earth mover gets near a Native
American site you see it on CNN how many times have you seen Tara on CNN?
We would not be able to Level Mt Vernon for a Highway either without every Historian in within the next 3 galaxies come after us! So why hasnt Tara been on world news?

Irish Americans are deeply connected to the land of their Family and clutch their culture sometimes stronger and closer to them then those still living in Ireland. If this was Broadcast in a larger arena of news rather then on a few discussion boards there would be more pressure to do the Right Thing.
I am saddened but Happy to have a spot here on this site to speak my thoughts on this.. thankyou for carrying the banner so to speak and bringing into a discussion forum.
You are so right about the protection of Sacred American Indian sites in America! We are still a very young country so I imagine we want to cling to and preserve anything from the distant past (once we learned a hard lesson and made amends to the dispicable treatment of the Native Americans...I can't say we are completely over the hump on that one.) PLUS you made the excellent point on the fact that our media goes to work to get the word out everywhere...and I mean everywhere! The press here is over the top.

Thanks for your very worthy comment.

I signed on yahoo at 0600 this morning and found what remember me of the Stone of Tara. They were talking about Ireland money porblems. I find it interesting.

Do you have a link to the program/article you were found this am? Thanks.

Cynthia...I just found the it is in its entirety for others to read...oh dear:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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