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I have recently learned about the Department of Celtic Languages which has caught my interest. I have long been a fan of the Celts and well Ireland in general. I would love to turn it into something that I could study at home but also have the chance to study abroad. I would very much appreciate any input on possible places I could study. I am on a low income at the moment so I would appreciate a place that isn't too pricey to study at but also offers some of the best courses. To be able to do this would be literally a dream come true and with luck, perhaps I can see Ireland before 2011 and maybe one day even get the wonderful opportunity to study in Ireland I would also gladly welcome those that speak Gaelic and a bit about the Celts to lend me their view points. What better way to learn a language and culture but from those that have known it most of there life? Any and all input is welcome

Beir bua agus beannacht ((best wishes))


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