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Does anyone know how to determine the artist and song title of the songs being played?

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I would also like to know how to find the artist and song being played...

I found it!  Put LiveIreland Playlist into "Google".  In the selections that come up, click on Live Ireland Channel 1, and you will find the playlist.  It goes from the bottom of the page to the top, so the current song will be the one at the top and the song played previously will be below that...

I don't understand what you mean by "Put LiveIreland Playlist into 'Google.'"  Could you explain?  Thanks.


I listen vía ITunes.  Any way to connect via ITunes?

I was using iTunes also, but they only have LiveIreland2, which is Irish Contemporary Songs.  When I was using iTUnes, you COULD see the artist and song titles.  I'm using Windows media Player now, and I can't get the titles or artists with that.  Wish the station itself would post these!!!

A tip is to download the completely free Winamp media player and install the Shoutcast plugin which allow you to listen to internet radio within Winamp. Then when you're listening you'll always see the artist and the song name of the current song.


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