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When anyone asks me about Celtic folk music I usually answer that it's somewhere between Persian folk music and American Bluegrass. Almost everyone know about the link to Bluegrass but few know about the Persian side of the question. I strongly suggest that everyone listens to some of Sima Bina on Youtube. She sings in specific dialects of the parts of Persia where her music is based. Listen carefully and you will here several similarities with Celtic folk music. As a starter the instruments used are very similar  and they all play the melody together. The voice is also an instrument.

Don't need to understand the language (most Iranians don't understand these dialects either.)

I don't understand Galic but can enjoy it just the same.

One of the primary differences between the two musics is that Celtic music generally repeats after 4 or 8 bars while Persian fold repeats after 5 or 10 bars.

Give it a chance .... always nice to widen music interests

Regards from Sweden


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I have listened now to a couple of her songs and want to thank you for sharing this information. It always nice to learn about the music of other cultures.
Thanks for the info, Gerry. I'll look for her music on youtube.

Hello Gerry,

I like the variety of the music of the different cultures and nationalties very much! So if there are similarities or not - I don´t mind. The music of Sima Bina is great and I like her voice very much. If you like, listen to some songs of Loreena McKennitt. (e.g. her concert at the Alhambra a few years ago.) This is a perfect composition of different traditional instruments, as well from arabic and north african countries. The roots of Loreena are irish and this you can find in all of her songs. Absolutely fascinating!

Have a nice weekend and many greetings from Germany.


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