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Hi LI crowd! How do you feel about a small window or link added to the front page here with a list/schedule of live DJ's and other live events? I know its hard, and I don't mean to put pressure on the staff and volunteers. Just thinking.

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And yes, I know you have one for St. Paddy's day. I enjoy the studio chat with everyone when we have a live DJ. And that is more what I was gettin at.

Hi Harold,
It would be near impossible to have a live show program due to the voluntary nature of the network. Most DJs etc do live shows in their own good time.

Thanks Daithi, I kinda knew it would be hard at best, but I so enjoy all the nice people on the chat when we have live DJ's. So far the Facebook and other announcements are working well. I wonder if anyone has any ideas to boost the participation in the live chat? Or should I just shut up?! LOL

That would be a WONDERFUL idea !!


yes just thinking!!!   when the advertisements for march 1st were still being played just before the 17th!!!  good luck.  just learn to recognize all the songs and music.  that's my challenge. 


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