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Is it me or my age?

I would love to be able to have a playlist of music played, is it available on the site?


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Yes, I would also like to know how to view a playlist of the music being played.  Thank you.

Thank God Margaret

Though it was only me!

Eeejit so to speak


Hello Anthony,


The only help to this that I have located so far is the ongoing play list feed as each song is played at the moment.Bring up all the posted discussions and you'll find a thread titled 'Music Titles",with similar inquires.

Daithi,the sites overseer,had posted a box named Shoutcast,and under that you see the title of each song and the artist who does it.Also see the button where you can turn on the music,or turn off.

That has been the only way I find who plays what.I listen to Channel 1 exclusively as I work in my art at my desk and computer.

When a tune comes up that I like-I pull up the little media player box onto my computer screen,locate the Shoutcast box and check the song name and artist.

I have found on that little media player box,I have to keep it on another page rather than on the Shoutcast box-as I get a double echo feedback-I guess it doubles up the broadcast feed so I have to change back to the home page to get rid of the echo.Unless you just left the whole page up on screen and didnt need to access another internet site.

I guess I could use two computers!


Hope this helps,Anthony. I still have not found a whole 'listing',though.


Hi Sharon

thanks very much for the reply, its a little strange as I would thought the artists would want to let the listener know that its them that are playing

Thanks again



Only on that Shoutcast box have I found that-but only as each song is being played-not a whole list.

It is like riding a crosscountry jump race-we are put to a grand gallop!


Hi Tony/Sharon,

Thanks, I found the playlist (though it shows one song at a time). Was right there all along.


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