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I am new so I thought I would introduce myself.I live in New Mexico,USA.I visited Ireland back in 2001 and fell in love with it.I am of Irish-Scottish heritage and went to see the homeland.I hope to return to visit Ireland one day until then it is always in my heart.Have fun all getting ready for Paddy's Day

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Hi! Welcome ot LiveIreland! This is an incredibleplace to converse, share written works like poetry, picturesm, ideas etc. Hope you will catch me flying through now and again. I am going to Eire in MArch, returning to Philadelphia, PA just before the holiday, but sadly missing the parade both here and in Ireland! My youngest daughter is deciding whether she wants to go this year and dance again; last couple years have been horribly cold and wet.
Thank you Felicia!
It has been awhile since I have been to Ireland as well (10 years - way too long), have also been to Scotland. I am irish on my mom's side and Scot -Irish on my dad's. Bye the way, my mum told me long time ago, it is Paddy's day, if I used a 't' should will kill me on the spot :)
Hey me nan said the same thing!
thanks,I changed it
Alex--you have to go--it will change your perspective for life for the better.
Well, I am new to this site as well, although I heard about it years ago and have no idea why I never joined before! :(
Same as Stephanie, I was in Ireland in 2001. I'm from Argentina, but half celt descent on my mother's side (from northern Spain). On January 2001 I was visiting Europe for 3 weeks and since I had friends living in Dublin, decided to spend my last week there. TOO BAD I didn't actually spend ALL of my vacation in Ireland!! I fell in love with the place, the people, the was very strange cause I felt like I had already been truly is a magical place and as you say here: does change you forever.
I was showing my roommate my photo album from Ireland yesterday and couldn't believe it's been already 8 years since I was there! way too loooong!!
I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2002, and thought I would go back to Ireland a year later, but never had the time....hopefully SOON!
It has the effect on most everyone, me included. I have been 6 times since 2001 and wish to make it my ppermanent home at some point. I hope you are enjoying the site and can get back there some day soon!
Hey everyone!

Im Ross and Im a 27 year old Dublin, Ireland native. I love making new contacts and friends so please feel free to say hello! :)

Hello! When you have time, I would love to pick your brain about getting work in Ireland and the whole Visa thing. My goal is to live the rest of my life in Ireland, but it so complicated being an American trying to do so (I have family in Donegal and Dublin too and we go all the way back to defending the O'Donnells in Donegal)
I am new to the site. I came across it when I was looking for various music feeds for my pub in Second Life called The AstroCast Podcast Pub. Since I am fan, I really wanted a good Celtic music feed. Depending on my mood, I find myself playing this one and/or the Pink Floyd one. Also, I find this is a great feed to play when I am writing. Thanks for having such an awesome feed and site.

John Lambert
Houston, Texas
Welcome--you will love it here and it is so easy to make friends all over the world who sghare a love of music and writing and Ireland et. al.


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