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I've never been to Ireland. Unfortunately! I built my own "Irish mythology" through what I learned and know, what I read, what I feel and what I like. With a little help of that passionating irish music. Things I know may be wrong or biased, but my feelings are true - hey... after all, it's my own mythology :-) - and I love the Ireland I feel.
I don't know if I'll have the chance (the luck) to go there one day. Although I'm nearly 60, I feel young - I AM young (it took me a lot of practice :-) ) - and young enough (anyway) to keep hope. But I'm nearly 60, am I not?
I subscribed to liveIreland to have the opportunity to share my feelings with people who, like me, never visited Ireland, and confront my dreams to reality through discussions with Irish people. Would many (or, at least, some) of you subscribers to liveIreland be my keyboardpals or/and my mentors? ;-)

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I have been to Ireland, but I think even with all my classes about it and visiting it, I still create some small amount of mythology around it. So far as age, Satchel Paige wrote, "If you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be?" welcome to LI--it is a fantastic site.
So, let's say I have the curiosity of a 5er, the thoughtfulness of a 10er, the thirst and love for knowledge of a 12er, the sentimentality and enthusiasm of a 18er, the dreams of a 20er and the reflection of a 30er (and I'll stop here, not knowing if I have reached the improbable age of rigour and wisdom yet. :-) ) : you're right, nothing that prevents me from booking an Aer Lingus ticket. But, waiting for that day...

One thing I've always felt is that many people knowing not much about Ireland and Irish people feel a favorable prejudice toward them. Can anybody help me to think about it?
The Irish are quick to educate anyone interested enough to set foot on the island and who wants to learn. what they do not like is people who come in and disrespect them or their cities/towns.
Hi everybody

Seeing the photograph Dublin this morning Eimear McCormack just posted, and the comment she added, I was wondering if some of our fellow members at liveIreland forum would be so kind as sending me postcards from Ireland, and from Dublin in particular.

In my whole life, I received only four. One from a family I have met during a linguistic journey in England and whose father was from Dublin (that's when I learned about Ireland and learned to love it :-) ) ; one from an irish boy who was hitch hicking one night near the city I lived then, and stopped a few days in my family home on his way to Kathmandu during the "hippie years" ; one from an Irish TV producer I met as a member of the Jury at the "Rose d'or of Montreux" ; and the last one from a friend couple who went to Dublin for holidays. That's not much... and I'm frustrated. :-)

I will mail my postal address to anybody who woud ask for it. I would greatly appriciate and I thank in advance who will "make my day" on this occasion.


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