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I am needing a good picture of a celtic cross that I can printout. I am going to give my parents a woodburned picture of a celtic cross. But I cant find a good enough picture to use thats got alot of detail in it. Any help you fine lot can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the info I will try that. Thanks again

get yourself to Ireland haa then you shall find many a beauity cross designs there.
Actually I may be able to sort you out..I shall have a look and send you some via email /attachments. If not Erin will contact Patrick or Shamus and get you photos......just give me a few days ok luv????

Now remember if your looking for something authentic and Irish know where to find it. ( she smiles )

I think it tis a brilliant idea to make your folks this gift. Always home made hand crafted items are way nicer then the shops..... As you know I am forever creating my own ideas. You are a good laddie and a loved son im sure your folks will love it.
Take care
Slan my fine American / Irish friend
Erin I also need to find out how to spell out, " May God Bless All In This House." In the Irish. I know you can type and speak the Irish so of course your the only one I thought of to help me with this Have A Great New Year Sweetie.


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