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Hi All,

I'm getting another Irish Wolfhound today and need help choosing a name for her.

The breeder named her Liza (LIE-za) which I'd like to change because it's not Irish.

I'd like a name that sounds similar to Liza and have gone to web sites searching for one.

So far, I've come up with Sile, Liadan and Lucy.

I have 3 other dogs at this time, Nora, Ruari and Clare. I don't want a name that sounds close to any of their names -- too confusing for them.

Can you help me out? I'd greatly appreciate it!


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Hi Alexandre,

How about something simple and Irish like Molly'O. I received a kitten as a present and that is what I named her.
I know it doesn't sound anywhere near Liza. I may be perhaps a day late and a dollar short. But since I've just joined LiveIreland it is what it is.
Thank you for your help, Alexandre.

Can you tell me how Lelia is pronounced?

I have 2 faves Rhiannon or Boudica!
What about "Madra" Mod-Ra it's Irish for Dog! Some people use that name here. In fact Sean, who used to be a Live Ireland DJ and is still heard on the adverts had a doggie called Madra. Bernard
Wow! You must have a lot of room for them to run around. I'm also jealous since I have just the one pooch (a Welsh Springer Spaniel named Myfi [rhymes w/spiffy] which means "little lovely one".

I always liked Aoife (Gaelic version Eve, sounds much life it but more of an F sound with a bit on the end)
Greetings my friends!

Barbarosa, you are psychic! I named her Aife... the old spelling of Aoife.
I attached a pic that I took of her yesterday with my husband.

Whenever we get a new Wolfie, this is one of the sites I go to for name selection:

I like names that are easy to yell. My favorite yelling name, so far, is Enya.
But sadly, Enya only lived to be nearly 4 and died of mesothelioma, the cancer people get from asbestos exposure. Weird for a Wolfie or any dog for that matter.

I've never seen a Welsh Springer Spaniel in person. What do you like and dislike about the breed?

The ONLY thing I don't like about Wolfies is the lifespan. Much too short.

Thanks for your help everyone. I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Nice choice! That looks like a good website for names. I have to remember that in another 12-13 years (I hope). Most people have a problem at first with the pronunciation of Myfi but spelling is easy as pie.

I've had my girl for a year now and I couldn't be happier. It really was worth it to spend the extra time researching what breed was best for me. I have to be careful where I let her off lead to run around. Mostly because she wants to hunt all the time so the local squirrels had better watch out! Even then she responds well to the whistle. So far she is a healthy, happy dog that has made my life so much more enjoyable. I honestly can't think of anything I dislike about the breed.
Una, Aoife...

I love Bernard's idea! I have a cat named 'Neko' -- which is Japanese for 'cat' :)

I need uni-gendered Irish names for my snake. I don't know what it is, and don't feel like probing. :-p

Is Rhiannon an Irish name, or is it Welsh?

Anyhow-- I'm jealous. I LOVE wolfhounds, but can't have a dog where I live. :( So, I have to be happy with my two little kitties and a ball python. :)
Hi Barbarosa,

I've been checking out pix of Welsh Springer Spaniels on the web. The certainly have sweet faces. I've always liked Spaniels because of this.

I had a black English Cocker who I loved dearly. The only thing I didn't like was the coat. It required a lot a maintenance.

Besides the 3 Wolfies, I have a Glen of Imaal Terrier named Nora. I got her to take care of the vermin (we live on an agricultural farm).

Her first year here she killed every June Bug in the village. (She came from Florida--maybe that's why she had a thing for insects.)

The second year she moved on to garter snakes. (Could be the Florida connection again.)

The third year she killed 3 rabbits.

Then she took a rest for 2 years.

This past summer, 1 of the new Wolfies got Nora excited about hunting again. They worked as a team and the 2 of them sent a truckload of groundhogs to Hog Heaven.

Nice prospective life span for Myfi. I hope she surpasses it.

My Welshie is as sweet as pie. Her coat does need some maintainance but not overly much. I comb her every couple days but it doesn't take long. I took her to Petsmart to get that Furminator treatment and the lady there said it wasn't really necessary. She is as active you are. She is happy to hunt for hours or just take a few walks a day along with running around the back yard and a weekly romp at the park or in the woods. She is always ready to hunt anything. I've seen her chase butterflys in the back yard.
Hi Tania,

Here's the history for RHIANNON
Gender: Feminine

Usage: Welsh, English, Welsh Mythology

Pronounced: hri-AN-ahn (Welsh), ree-AN-ən (English), REE-ən-ən (English) [key]

Derived from the old Celtic name Rigantona meaning "great queen". In Welsh mythology Rhiannon was the goddess of fertility and the moon. This name is also borne by a princess in Welsh legends, the wife of Pwyll. As an English name, it became popular due to the Fleetwood Mac song 'Rhiannon' (1976).

And listed here are several unisex Irish names and their meanings.

Do your kittens have Irish names?

How do they get along with your python?
I thought so. I had only read of Rhiannon in Welsh mythology, never in Irish...

My cats names are Neko (Japanese meaning Cat) and Isis (Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood/Rebirth).

So far, the python has been called Finbar, Fionn, and Snakey-poo. :-p

Well-- neither's tried to eat the other yet, so I guess they get along alright! For now at least. When Snakey-poo is about 6 feet long, we'll see how well they'll play together... :-p (just kidding)

When I play with the python, I lock the cats out of the room; when I am with the cats, Snakey's safe in his little aquarium, securely locked.

Thanks for the link! I'll have to poke around for something fitting... :-p


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