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Hi All,

I'm getting another Irish Wolfhound today and need help choosing a name for her.

The breeder named her Liza (LIE-za) which I'd like to change because it's not Irish.

I'd like a name that sounds similar to Liza and have gone to web sites searching for one.

So far, I've come up with Sile, Liadan and Lucy.

I have 3 other dogs at this time, Nora, Ruari and Clare. I don't want a name that sounds close to any of their names -- too confusing for them.

Can you help me out? I'd greatly appreciate it!


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Just a note-- we finally decided to name the snake "Teanga" -- meaning tongue or language, because he doesn't speak, but sure sticks his tongue out a lot! :-p
Hi Im Colm, Call her Colline it means Girl in Irish..

cailin... but "englishized" by spelling it Colleen... :-p
We have wonderful female bearded collie and we named her

Ceili (kaylee)

She'd be hapy to share a name with a wolfhound.

Hi Joel,

How did you come up with this name?

Does it have a meaning?

I think your girl is lovely and has such intelligent eyes.

a Ceili in Irish is like a party-- musicians, dancers, storytellers, poets all come together to one central location to share their art... :) it's absolutely a wonderful experience! :)
Hi Sophie,
how is your wolfie? From which kennel is she? I have two Irish Wolfhound girls named Aylish and Jemima (named after the welsh heroine Jemima Nichols). Jemimas Sire is from Wales and we needed a name with "J" in the beginning. Be careful with the name you choose - Aylish is like her name says "noble rank". Jemima is as well a heroine (or should I say a hooligan) like the lady she is named after ;-).
So do you know the meaning of your puppys name?
Kiss your wolfie from me
Setanta is a good name for a Irish wolfhound or Fionn
try Cushla ....


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