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Autumn’s Fulfillment

Autumn rolls upon my heart.
It breathes life upon me.
I call out to it’s ever being,
I am fulfilled.

Its days are numbered
Living every as if…its last
An early rise and sleeping none.
Few tomorrows and enchanted todays,
I am fulfilled.

Its brilliance is defining.
I embrace its rewards of vision.
My senses overwhelmed.
I am fulfilled.

When gone…gone for sure
I too wither.
I look east still waiting
It’s return eminent, but long
To be fulfilled.

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Thanks for sharing!!!!!!Good stuff.
Thanks Felicia! I am new to the sight but like what is here.

Welcome--this is an incredible place to meet people form all over and to share. I have met the kindest and most interesting people here!
I'm sure you are one of them! Thanks again!
aw thanks.


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