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A minute's silence is due to be held across the country later this week to remember those who died in the Great Famine.

Students at all state schools and staff at local authorities will observe the silence at noon on Friday as part of a new series of commemorations being overseen by the Government.

The FAI, the GAA and Tennis Ireland will observe the silence at all matches on Sunday, which has been designated as National Famine Memorial Day.

Community Affairs Minister Eamon O Cuiv says it is a fitting tribute to acknowledge the loss suffered in one of the greatest tragedies in Ireland's history.

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I will will take note of this. This is very important. Those of us who read Irish history knows the impact of this and what it means to the Irish.
Im america we have a memorial day for all of our fallen troops. Equaly important should be a day to remember those who perished and suffered in the famine. My great grandparents on my mothers side came to America because of this very event.
I agree that it is very important to recognize this great tragedy and am glad to see that it will be observed. I would really like to see the day of recognition re-named, however. I think those who inflicted the Irish with those conditions, that caused the famine should have to take responsibility. It's historically documented that this atrocity was more akin to genocide than famine.

I'm not trying to stir the pot or give offense. Everything I've read on this topic lead me to this strong conviction and I feel very passionate about it.


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