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I think we've gone beyond the PC nut brigade. The time has come to render this outdated attitude of the liberal extremists to the dustbin. We Irish can take a joke, especially if it's based on truth. In this case it is.

What do you think?

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How would the Mayor Bloomberg, feel about a german, making jokes about the camps in Germany and Poland
But hold on......comparing Alcohol consumption by the Irish to the death camps during ww2 is a bit over the top?

My thoughts:

     He was in New York commenting on people in New York (the people hanging out the windows could have been from Texas for all he knew).  He needs to live in Ireland for an extended time, or visit, before he can state facts about truely Irish people.  Also, maybe he should leave the joking to real comedians, not all people can tell a joke.  *He's from up North, I'm from down South - We southerners talk funny, you know*.

Relatively speaking, I don't think most people care what Mayor Bloomberg's opinions and thoughts are. If they live in New York they should, but it's apparent that even people that bother to vote in the US don't pay much attention to who they are voting for. Maybe if the voters here in the US did their homework a little, and stopped treating our elections as a sporting event between two teams ( who actually are one team ), we could get a few thoughtful, exceptional leaders and public servants.
I think the mayor is a big mouthjerk!!
 I am at once turned off by right-wing nuts whose only kneejerk responses are puerile critiques of "liberals" and "socialists." Ask them about any complex issue instead of the cop-out wee label spoon-fed to them like baby food by their wacky handlers and they are found wanting as the useful idiots they are.
Mayor Bloomberg a right wing nut?!!!? Where are the thoughtful, responsible, knowledgeable public servants, who actually think before they speak, and think more than they speak.... Who want to serve the people and not themselves.

I might have erred in where I placed my reply. I was not referring to Mayor Bloomberg at all but an initial posting which had nothing useful to say really, only the usual mindless single word screed about "liberal extremists (they also known to insert the word "socialist" interchangeably)." 

As I commented earlier,  these word labels "liberal" or "socialist" are all they can grasp (sometimes they even get the spelling spot-on), repeating the sound bytes of their right-wing handlers who program their one word comments as would the ventriloquist to his dummy.  Issues, a bit more "messy"  intellectually, as opposed to spewing mere labels, sadly fall  outside their brief and comprehension. If those of us with our frontal lobes in full vigor continue  to speak slowly, and in mono-syllabic words only to them, perhaps we can hope they proceed to the next level of maturity.


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