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Hi, I was born in ireland but was adopted by an Irish-American family and live in the United States but looking to move back to Ireland in the next year or two. Anyone interested in chatting with a friendly and funny Irish lass I am here :)



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Hi Collen,
I'll spread the word for you through my Dublin contacts.
What part of Ireland are you coming back to?
Hello Colleen.

I´m Sascha from Germany. But i live at the moment in the United Arab Emirates. I was four times in Ireland. The last time 2009. I was 2006, 2007 and 2009 for two weeks, and 2008 for five month in Ireland. I love it. My Dream is it, to live forever in Ireland. But at the Moment it´s very difficult, to get a job in Ireland. In Germany also. I hope, i will get a answer from you.

Lovely greets from the hot desert.

Hallo Coleen, my name is Rosaleen Toher & I too was.born in the Irish Republic & I was adopted at the age of 3 & a half years. My mother was a 17 year old unmarried girl who gave birth to me in a home run by nuns in Co. Westmeath & most of these babies were sent to America without any consultation with the young mothers. I was lucky enough to be adopted in Ireland but went to live in England in 1974 to train as a nurse. I finally found my mother living in Birmingham in 1974 but didn't discover her true identity until 1978. Coleen I can really appreciate how much you must want to find your birth parents & I am more than happy to be pen pals with you. If I can & if you want any help from me I would be happy to give you the benefit of my experience in tackling the Irish Adoption tracing organisations. I am 54 years young now with 2 daughters aged 22 & 25 & live with my partner in England approx.17 miles from London. I go home to Ireland 2 or 3 times a year & would like to settle there eventually. I've only just discovered this website today so hopefully I will get to hear from you some time in the future. God bless for now. Rosaleen Toher-Ginty

 Hello Rosaleen, I traced my birth mother to Galboystown ,Clonmellon  on Meath/Westmeath border , sadly she was 82 and dying of cancer, was rather a cold meeting . No brothers or sisters for either of us. Was in orphanage ,then fostered to family in East Meath near Drogheda.

I left Ireland permanently in 1974 although had been in British merchant navy since 1961. Now living NZ.

Luckier than some ,. Joe

Hi Colleen,,

I am the first born of five kids of Irish decent and now that I am retired I am going to hopefully realize a dream and relocate to
Ireland. Have you ever heard of Carrowmore Meadows Retirement Village.? It is located equally between Charlestown and Knock in County Mayo. I have been in contact by email and by phone with the administrator for quite sometime now. I have the Vonage phone system so the telephone calls really don't matter price wise. At Carrowmore Meadows they have apts, condos and what they call here in the US Townhouses I plan to go over in the Fall to see exactly what is what. I've been told that you can go either unfurnished or furnished with variable leases..
About me there isn't to much to say. I was in the Marine Corp for three years which helped pay for my education at Penn State University.. It seems like I was there for ever. After graduation I landed a job as a psychotherapist at a psychiatric hopital. I retired from there after twentyfive years. Believe me when I tell you that there isn't to much that I haven't seen. I was a musician of sorts playing guitar, bamjo and dulcimer. However, in subduing a patient( not by myself) my fingering hand was totally messed up. However all was not lost as I now play Irish music a Native American Flutes. Something kind of different
I read where they would ship Irish babies to the US. That reminds me that historically the white man would take Nativr American Children put them in a school, cut off their hair and punish them if they spoke in their native tongue.. This all reminds me of a song by Christy Moore called " The Magdelene Laundry." It a song about what went on in this school run by this group of nuns and how the unwed mothers and pretty girls who least they become a lady of the night. were sent there I am a big Christy Moore fan. I belong to his "fan club" and received monthly updates about what is going on with " Himself."
I do hope that I haven't rattled on to much But at least you know a lttle about me and if you want to be a pen pal, I'n up for it.

Greetings Colleen ! My name is Mike ! my family came from Cork during the great famine and settled in Canda and Newfoundland to be precise ! I speak French,English and a bit of Irish but I'm learning ! my msn adress is is u want to chat! take care! Slan Mike :))


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